No matter what the day brings, deep down I know it really is a good day because I have the man of my dreams, a kitty who loves me, a roof over my head and I live in paradise.

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I Am In Love
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"The first poems I knew were nursery rhymes, and before I could read them for myself I had come to love just the words of them; the words alone. What the words stood for, symbolized, or meant, was of very secondary importance." - Dylan Thomas

I woke up when my 6:15 a.m. alarm went off. I took my thyroid pill and used the facilities. I found that Michael was not in the apartment. My first thought was worry and then I thought perhaps he had gone to the food bank for me. I called him and his reply, "Good morning, I'm at the food bank, go back to sleep." Ya gotta love this guy. I did as he requested and very gratefully.

Only I had an icky dream and I woke up feeling anxious. I cannot remember the dream except it was one of the busy ones and at some point when I woke up I told myself I didn't like the dream and I wasn't going to go back to it; which I didn't. Still I wake up feeling unsettled.

Finally it rained last night. I love the sound of the raindrops hitting the trees and the walk way. What a nice way to fall asleep.

When I did wake up I find sunshine and singing birds. The hummingbirds love the feeder. There are about three of them I recognize but it feels like there are more birds than the initial three. Yesterday while at my lap top, the female came to feed. She stayed long enough that in watching her, I could see her little tongue come out the end of her beak/bill(?). What a delight to watch.

So with sunshine I am going to go walking today. It is a walking day you know. Since I had thought I was going to go to the food bank, I had planned to take a short route. I think I shall keep to that plan.

Once Michael put away our provisions, he began work on my lap top to get it in shape to be able to hook up to the Internet. Something is interfering and he is not sure what it is. It was working the last time we had an Internet connection but now it does not want to recognize the modem. He has been on the phone to AT&T and they have taken him as far as they can for free. Now he has to pay them money for them to take him any farther.

While Michael was working on the Internet hookup on my lap top, I went walking. I decided that though I didn't go to the food bank I would still take the short easy walk. This walk takes less than 30 minutes but still I am outside and I am exercising.

Today, I stop off at the pet store and talk to the owner about drawing my small outside birds into the patio area. We went over various feeders, breeding nests, food, and putting Bailey's fur out there for the birds to use as nest fodder. I may even take the hair from my brush and put out there as well. It was a good visit and now I will have to wait until pay day and see if we have any extra money for such stuff.

I make it back home in time to watch the last 10 minutes of Simply Ming. I am not sure what his focus was on today but the foods I saw looked delicious.

I'm not feeling all that whippy today. My fingers are still prickly, I have a cough and my lungs feel funny to where I am using my inhaler again. There is still the depression lurking back in the shadows.

I do feel the walking is helping with this. I feel good that on walking days, I don't have to push myself too hard to get ready and go. I think this is a good sign. I see the psych doc in a couple of weeks and I will hear what she thinks about this.

I am so pleased. Michael has been able to get my lap top connected to the Internet. Now we can be surfing together. Yippee! He also tapped into my SBC e-mail. Wow, I had over 1,500+ e-mails. A lot of it was junk but then there were e-mails from people of whose blogs I was reading. Now I am down to about 1,200+ e-mails. This is all so cool. My husband is a genius. Of course, I am prejudice.

He is my knight in black leather! I love my man.

For my part in taking care of our "little community" I have gone around to the apartments here and either talked to the resident or left a sticky note to remind everyone about our Community Watch meeting tomorrow night. I do hope folks show up. Tomorrow night will tell the story at how responsible everyone feels about their neighborhood.

mz. em
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