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It's Raining
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"We shelter under a warm net of kisses. We drink from the well of each other's mouth." - Diane Ackerman

It rained last night and rained hard. It was nice to listen to. However, when Michael and I went out on the patio to check my plants, some of them have taken a beating. My tall plants are lying down on the ground.

The rain gauge shows that we had three-quarters of an inch. Plus the litter box I need to clean out is full of water. My two tomatoes are nice and shiny from the cleaning of the rain.

Now I won't have to water for a few days.

I do not know if the rain had anything to do with it but I saw some new birds today. I saw a new little bird this morning. I have seen this one before. Its general coloring is grayish brown. There is white on its chin, a light gray-brown on the stomach and darker coloring on top of the body. What is striking is the black racing stripe under its eyes with white above it. It was singing and looking at the seed on the patio. However, a hummingbird was hanging out by the bread crumbs by the slider and I feel this kept the other little bird from flying down.

I saw two new birds! They are a mottled brown and larger. They were a little smaller than the blue jays. These birds were going after the seed I had put down on the patio. This seed has been down for about a week now. I can hardly wait until I can get some seed to put out regular. I am excited though as I am enjoying watching the little darlings and listening to their bird song.

The other fun part of this endeavor is that Bailey is enthralled with watching the birds. A lot of the time, he will stay in the chair he is in; but, sometimes he will get down and go to the slider. This action usually scares them off but they come back when they realize he is not coming outside.

I did put out Bailey's fur this morning. I do hope the birds grab it.

Ha, I learned a new word today: compendium. It is a noun - a summary or abstract containing the essential information in a brief form; concise but comprehensive treatise. So says "Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition."

I found this word when I went to look at kitty pictures on this site: The Ark In Space: A Compendium of Animals.

If you like cat pictures you will adore this breed.

I just love being able to connect to the Internet while on my computer. By the time I quit last night, my eyes felt buggy and my brain felt like soggy sponge.

My biggest gripe is with WordPress. I cannot access the dashboard to my site. I want to do this to leave a message that I am at JournalScape. Grrrr. At one point, a message comes up that I don't even have a site there. I responded with my site's URL and say where did I get this then? Grrrrr.

How do I feel this morning? Tired. I feel tired.

The sun is out and there is a light breeze. The breeze is not enough to move the wind chimes on the patio. I hear birds talking to one another.

I am mildly stressed about tonight's meeting. Why? I shouldn't be. Michael and I have done what we could. People will show up if they are truly interested in keeping the peace in our community. Between four of the residents, we do not want druggies in that vacant apartment. We do not want to go through what we did with H.

I live in clutter. I cannot believe how cluttered I have made the table since I came to reside with my laptop. I have my side of the table covered and the chair next to me is full of books, music CDs, snacks, and my water bottle. Oh yeah, there is a cap in this mix as well. I really need to clean this up.

Then I need to clean up around my chair. In fact, I need to clean up the whole apartment while I am at it. I wonder if I went back to cleaning a room a day would it make any difference. I can pull out my Fly Lady notebook I created and work through the pages. Check out the Fly Lady link in my "Links" section

mz. em
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