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What is in My Closet?
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"His clothes and ring and shoes are all going to talk." - Anne Lamott

The quote today is referring to clothing. Since I am retired, my clothing is very comfortable. Generally, if I know I am not going anywhere, I stay in my jammies. I have even run errands in my jammies.

Ha, I can remember the days where I would not be seen out of the house unless I was fully dressed and make-up in place. Now I do not care. Granted I do care that I look okay.

My dress clothes are jeans and a T-shirt. Shoes are sandals, Crocs, or tennis shoes. Around the house you will find me barefoot. Once in awhile I will put on a dress for the fun of it.

I may wear a dress to church or something nice. I have been known to wear my jeans and a nice shirt. I still try to wear a hat. When I was growing up it was either a hat or a lace doily that was required. I have some nice scarves I can wear to. My how times have changed since I was younger and the dress code for church was much stricter. I have seen guys in painter pants and a wrinkly shirt. My thoughts are that the Higher Power would rather have you in church than for you stay home because of a dress code. I have noticed the older parishioners do tend to be a little dressier.

I watch the shows on the television and I see clothes I would like to wear. My question is this: But where would I wear these clothes? I am not that active any longer, I do not go out of my house any more than I have to. Even though I have been known to wear make-up even though I don't leave the house.

Granted I do not think suits are that comfortable but when a man wears a well-fitted suit the guy does look smashing. One of my favorite suits was the double-breasted suit. Last night on Jay Leno, Tim Allen was on and he was in a plain black suit with an open collar white shirt. Very smart looking and Tim looked comfortable.

Sunshine today.

I wake up feeling tired but I am glad the sun is shining. There is talk of a 30 percent chance of rain.

This has become a true statement as it is raining now while I write.

As I sit here gazing out the slider, I see and hear the newest birds to my back patio habitat for birds, the mottled brown one. It is pecking at the seed that is on the patio. I noticed that once it heard the screech of the nearby resident hawk, the little bird hopped onto the fence and under the bottle brush bush for safety.

Things out on the patio still look mooshed from the rain and a lot of damp areas. Another day or two of sunshine will bring things back to center.

We had our community watch meeting last night. Six neighbors came which is good considering we contacted 12 residents. Reflecting on the meeting, what I learned is that when we have a problem with a tenant i.e. they are or their friends are acting suspiciously, to call the sheriff. The key point here is for the sheriff makes a report and that report gets a number. Having an official report, I then call the housing authority and make a complaint to them and let them know I have called the sheriff and give them the report number. So, if every time I call on these same people and the sheriff checks out my call and writes a report, I have more weight for my case for the housing authority.

After this last incident, I felt the housing authority was dragging their feet. Of course, they have rules to follow. That said, I sure did not like all of the foot traffic going on and the worry they might break into our apartment. We don't have much but we want to keep it.

Today is a walking day. Right at this moment, I do not feel like walking. I know I will grumble when I go out later and it will be warmer and there will be more traffic. BUT, I will go walking!

Michael thinks he needs to call Mahjong Anonymous because I have been playing the game whenever I hit a blank wall in my writing. Sometimes, I think it helps me think. Sometimes, more often than not, it also takes me away from my writing. Although, when I come back from a game, I have something to write about.

Oh yeah, I play the Tournament Solitaire game. Michael showed me how to play the different games. It begins with a master and a dragon slayer. Sometimes I am one or the other. Once that game has been played then you work your way through the various mahjong layouts. After every three layouts then I play a master/dragon slayer game. Great fun I think.

Bailey upchucked in Michael dinner chair this morning. I wonder why he is doing this and especially getting sick on the chair cushion. Michael cleaned it up but Bailey is not happy about being placed back in the chair. He probably still smells his stomach content. I guess I need to purchase some Febreze.

Do you remember using Lysol? That was the main product to take care of odors and to sanitize surfaces. I used it for years until the new stuff caught my attention and my bucks.
I just finished up a call with Vanessa at Macy's in Santa Maria. The Lancome department is discontinuing selling Magie Noire perfume. They have five bottles at $60 left and Vanessa knew I liked the fragrance. I wish I could buy a bottle but I do not get paid until the 11th. But the department is returning the product tomorrow. Drat! Vanessa said I could purchase the perfume online at Lancome.

I hope that Lancome is not discontinuing this fragrance. I have been wearing it since the 70s and it is my all time favorite of any scent out there. There are other perfumes that Lacome has that I like and I do wear them. However, it is the Magie Noire that I get the most complements on.
Oh yes, in "The Daily Book of Art" my exercise is to draw still life. The still life is a bottle of wine, a glass, and the cork. I will do this later today and see how I do. I usually can copy stuff pretty well. So, wish me luck that I am successful on this project.

mz. em
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