No matter what the day brings, deep down I know it really is a good day because I have the man of my dreams, a kitty who loves me, a roof over my head and I live in paradise.

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Kitchen Magick
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"Secrets simmer. Deals are cut. Recipes are altered, stirred up. Something is cooking . . . ready, waiting, calling us home." - B. G. from "Kitchen"

I felt pretty good about getting the kitchen sink area cleaned up and the sinks clean though not necessarily shiny. I did use Comet on them and so they are whiter. Then I went into the bathroom and took care of the bathroom sink. Okay, my sinks are taken care of.

The one thing I thought of doing but didn't was to take care of a hot spot. For me, this is my chair-side table. It is cluttered. Okay, I can do that today. I will also talk to Michael about his hot spot: the coffee table. Maybe if he stays on top of this, it will help the living room look better. The he can find his paperwork too when he needs it.

Although I am waking up tired, I must be sleeping. However, Michael has had to wake me up repeatedly the last several nights due to my snoring. For a change I am not waking myself up but I am keeping him awake.

I still feel tired but at 10:45 a.m. I get up. Bailey has attempted to roust me but I wasn't going for it. I take care of the litter box and the floor. I brush my teeth and use my netti pot. I put my inhaler back together. All the while Bailey is waiting impatiently.

I can hear him saying, "Yea, she is FINALLY going to the kitchen." Instead of taking care of him, I open the hanging blinds, open the slider and take the clean sun bowl of bread crumbs outside to the patio. I change the water in the birdbath and check the moisture content in the rose bush container. Everything is in order. While I am doing this Bailey is sneaking bites of leaves from two of my plants. If he wasn't directly in line with the door, I would have squirted him with the sprayer. Instead I grumble at him and flick the top of his head. I do nothing to hurt him other than to get him to move away from my plants.

Now, I take care of Bailey. I add more dry food to his new clean pan. I don't see any dry food tidbits on the floor so he must have eaten over the pan. I change out the water dish. Next is a clean plate for his wet food. All the while he is meowing up a storm and finally silence as he chows down on his food. When he is done his plate is licked clean. You know how we mothers love to see a clean plate even if I didn't make the canned food.

Instead of sitting down to write when I have finished the above, I put more dishes to be washed in the dishwasher and get that going. Now my sinks are empty again. I also remembered to wipe/shine the bathroom sink after I took care of myself. I have got to get this into a habit just like my walking every other day.

This coming week is busy for birthdays:

The Marvelous Miss M's and the Lovely L's birthday is on the 12th.
Our Motorcycle Santa Claus is on the 14th.

I need to get some birthday cards in the mail tomorrow. I know the ones on October 12 will be late but better than never. We/I will give them all a call on their day to supplement the card.

Also next week, I have a 10 hour fast and then have lab work done to check my thyroid, diabetes and my cholesterol. I know my cholesterol has always been good so I think what the nurse practitioner is looking for is the diabetes and thyroid. The last time I saw her she checked my blood glucose and it was in the 300 range. This figure did not make her happy and that is when she increased my Metformin to twice a day. Oh the joys of becoming older.

Yesterday, Lady C texted me and said the club and friends were going to be at the Springs and to come on over. I immediately had an anxiety attack. I took care of that with some deep breathing and taking my anxiety medications. When the group arrived at the bar, I got a text stating here were there. Michael and I freshened up and walked up to the saloon. As always it is good to see Lady C and hubby. Plus we got to see some other folks we have not seen since we were members of the club.

In talking with one of the members, we learned that changes had been made and some house cleaning had been done. Now it sounds more like the club when we first joined. It makes both of us consider joining again. Of course, there is the money to consider. We will have to give this some serious thought and maybe attend a meeting or two before we come to any decisions.

Boy it was hard to be left behind when the club and friends took off to Arroyo Grande. Granted AG is out of our way but the ride would be worth it.

mz. em
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