No matter what the day brings, deep down I know it really is a good day because I have the man of my dreams, a kitty who loves me, a roof over my head and I live in paradise.

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Are You a Jet Plane or a Puddle Jumper
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"Every artist joins a conversation that's been going on for generations, even millennia, before he or she joins the scene." - John Barth

Sometimes I fly through my days. Occasionally I fly fast and then other times I soar and ride the currents enjoying the ease of my day.

Like stopping to smell the roses, I feel I must take notice of my flying. It is fun to take to the air and be at speed. Looking down over the ground I am flying over. Things are getting done and the scene changes as I change.

I know when I ride my motorcycle; I do like to go fast. When I can see that it is safe, like a long straight road. No cars in sight. Just pull on the throttle, feel the wind swirling around me, smell the different fragrances in the air, and feel the temperature change as I ride in or out of a valley. I guess I could say that motorcycle riding is like flying for other folks, only I am not encased in something. I am in the elements.

Most times, I like to putt. Go the speed limit and appreciate the sights, sounds, scents, and know I am looking good on my ride. I thrill at the skills I have learned in riding my motorcycle, Ruby. When I first purchased her, I did not know how to ride exactly. I had taken the motorcycle riding safety course and I passed that, so I did know how to ride.

Until I met Michael, I fell over a lot and broke parts and pieces. Thanks to Michael's tutelage, I came to understand the dance of Ruby's and could work with her and not against her. In time, I stopped falling over and I was skimming over the roadways as a bird flies through our patio. Riding like flying is heaven.

I woke up again feeling tired. My fingers are still numb and prickly. I really need to get the proper wrist brace that immobilizes my wrist. This feeling is really getting old, makes me cranky, and I am surprised I can even type.

The hummingbirds are out and about. I am glad to hear they are happy this morning. They have put a major dent in the sugar water in their feeder. But then, I have noticed more birds coming to feed than when I first put it out back. I know I have one couple and I noticed the other day another female at the feeder. Maybe I will have two couples to watch.

It is a quiet morning around here. I like this. I have the radio on my favorite country western station. There is a light breeze coming through. I cannot even hear the television from the other room. I just hear the hummingbirds singing about their day.

In the middle of writing my entry here, I decided to send off some e-mail to folks which had been on my mind. On one e-mail, I realize I do not have this person's address and the address is in another account. I save the e-mail in draft mode and went to get their address. Now Yahoo will not allow me to open the draft e-mail for me to put her address in it. Grrrr.

I made an effort to bring my e-mail addresses from the yahoo address of the once account but instead of importing to my personal account, the program wants to send a notice to everyone that my address has changed. I do not want to send a notice to everyone; I just want my addresses in my personal account. I just want to place this particular address in the post and send it. Period.

Sometimes, computers can drive you crazy and they do have a brain of their own. I think they use it just to drive us mentally unstable.

Michael has been moaning and groaning over his lap top. It is acting funny. He is still of the mind there is a virus on it. Even though he has run the virus programs and they say there is nothing there, Michael swears he can still hear the computer running behind what he is actually doing. I believe him. Then the other day, he has found a spot on his monitor that does not come off. Now he says his monitor is going. I do hope we can get him a new lap top before this one bites the dust. Yes, I know that is a cliché.

Hey, I can see my ankles again. Today, I will not take my diuretic pill and see what happens.

I need to go for a walk today and it would do me good to get outside. Since we have company, I think I will wait.

I am pleased our company is not smoking in the house. They have been going out on the patio. I am surprised that the smoke is not making its way back into the house. It was funny when Michael came in to kiss me goodnight, I could smell cigarette smell on his moustache. I inquired if he had been smoking and he said yes, he had tried it but he did not like it. I am glad for this. I do not like the smell or the mess cigarette smoking creates.

I remember with a former love, if he left any ashtrays full when he left to go back to work, I would put the ashtrays out in the garage. I would let him take care of them when he returned home at the end of the week. I do not know what it is about cigarettes that give me the creeps. Even washing the ashtrays, I would have to put gloves on and I would do them the very last of the dishes. Yuck!

I have been thinking about taking my "to do" list off of my cell phone and putting it into my MS Outlook. It would cut down on the alarms that are driving Michael crazy. But then, there would be an alarm in Outlook so he would still hear my reminders of things to do during the day. I could also keep my notes in Outlook. However, I do find having the notes with me is helpful like when I go to see the doctor. I have my list and erase each item as she takes care of what ails me. In addition, I like having the grocery list with me.

I guess this is for me for today. It is another day in paradise.

mz. em

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