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If I Could Be A Stone
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"Go inside a stone, that would be my way." - Charles Simic

This quote seems like a koan to me, something zen-like.

I have two ideas about going inside a stone. Now, I see a small stone. Why, I am not sure. I would think I would see a boulder but then, Simic did not say a boulder, he said a stone and to me stones are small. Like the size of my thumb nail.

Anyway, I have these two ideas:

1. I see myself with a very small eggbeater. I wind the eggbeater into the stone to make an opening to the center. I would then rotate the beater to create a space just large enough for me to wiggle myself into the cave like opening.

2. Now, I see myself with a dremel tool. I use this in the same way as I use the eggbeater but the work is completed much quicker.

I would crawl in there and hibernate as long as the bears do. I wonder what my writing would be like after that much time with sensory deprivation.

Right now I would like to be a stone. We have company. My daily routine is in tatters. Sharing a bathroom with Michael, Bailey and our guest is a test in itself. It is for a really good reason to have our guest. I am going crazy.

I guess I could get up at 5 a.m. to have my alone time. Time to write and read and do what I do in my alone time but the only reason I get up at 5 a.m. is to go to the bathroom. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

The day is sunny and I know it is Monday because I can hear the trash trucks on our street. In a little while the recycle trucks will come by and get the recycle stuff.

Michael cooked breakfast today. It was really yummy. We had fried potatoes, sausage, and eggs; I had fried hard eggs. I do like over-easy once in awhile but usually I want a solid cooked egg. I guess that is why I like hard-boiled eggs. Oh yeah, we had toast from the broiler.

We still do not have a toaster. When I went to Target, I looked for a David Morgan toaster. This toaster was looked at by the staff on Cook's Country cooking show. The staff person said of all the toasters, Black and Decker included, this particular was the best all round on the points they were looking for and the cost was $35 plus tax. I can afford $35+. Target had everything else by David Morgan but not a toaster. So, I wait and get my toast via the broiler.

I hear my neighbor spraying water to dust off the patio furniture and watering his plants. This reminds me, I need to water my plants. I need to prune and weed in the garden. I need to transplant my gifted plants and clean the bird bath. This will be a busy afternoon for me.

Ah, but I will be exercising and I will be out-of-doors, all good things for my health.

It is not good for me to write this late in the day. I do not have the clarity that I do in the morning. Or, maybe it is the through the fog in my brain in the morning that I find my clarity. I do not know. I am so confused.

E-mail is stacking up like crazy. There is not enough time to write, do projects in the house and read all the other stuff I want to read. Meanwhile, e-mail keeps coming in. When I checked my one account which I have not been to in about five days there are 315 e-mails. Of course, some of it is junk mail. Ye goddess! No more checking the little box that says to update me when someone leaves a comment.

I'm still working on shining the sink. I did clean up the kitchen last night so I felt good about that. After the cleaning though, more cooking ensued and the sink was full of dirty dishes when I got up this morning.

I did not do my art project yesterday. It is drawing and coloring in a butterfly. The butterfly looks like a Monarch. Some of the terms asked of me I am not familiar with and I may need to text The Amazing Mz. M about what they are asking for. I think I will use my colored pencils on this project as opposed to watercolor. Although, it might be easier if I used my large watercolor paper and draw the butterfly proportioned to the paper. Then it would be easier to add the color to the drawing.

I have not washed my face in two days. I must do it today.

Oh, I am going nuts.

I could just scream.

mz. em

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-- "Charade" - Sandra Brown
-- "The Daily Book of Art/356 readings that teach, inspire & entertain" - day 21

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