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Are We Having Fun Yet?
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"In order to nurture our creativity, we require a sense of festivity, even humor: "Art. That's somebody my sister used to date." - Julia Cameron

I feel my sense of humor has grown from when I was a child. Nothing was funny then. Michael can make me laugh with his stories. I have found since being on pysch medications that my sense of humor isn't as instantaneous as it use to be. I do love a good story though.

My Dad and Grandfather were good storytellers. I could listen to them for hours of their high jinks, interactions with other people, and they could laugh at themselves.

I learned to laugh at myself early on because I figured if I did it before anyone else could there would be no jokes at my expense.

I have to say that most comedies on the television, I do not find funny. Up All Night and Whitney make my stomach grumble. I can't stand Seinfield. I also don't like The Office and I have never seen Parks and Rec. And, Huell Howser of California Gold, who seems to think he's funny, is just as ass. Pardon my language and my opinions on the local comedies. If you like any of these shows then I am glad for you.

I haven't gone to see any stand-up comedians in such a long time. But, I think I did like Ray Romano. Oh yeah, I did like the comedy show he was in.

Oh yeah, I don't like That 70s Show. That is another asinine comedy and I cannot stand Ashton Kutcher. I do not know what Demi Moore sees in him.

Okay, enough on bashing TV and comedies.

Funny today's prompt ties into my writing on television yesterday.

I remember I used to like knock-knock jokes and other than that, I cannot remember any other jokes.

I feel what I relate to in this in this quote is this:

"In order to nurture our creativity, we require a sense of festivity, even humor. . ."

One thing the Amazing Mz. M consistently asks me when I am attempting to be creative, is, "Did you have fun?"

That is a hard question. When I begin an art project or I sit down to write, no, I am not having fun. I am in a verbal battle with my critic and Miss Perfection on why I should not even begin because I cannot do it perfectly.

As I have written before, I tie them to their respective chairs, gag them and put headphones on them so they can listen to music and leave me alone. On any project, I start off slow, then I seem to get going and next thing I know I am drawing, painting or writing away and not thinking about being perfect.

Now I am having fun. Just the joy of letting my inner child have at it, whatever "it" is.

It is nice to have reached an age where I do and I don't care what the end result looks like as long as I have had fun. My last two art projects, a still life of a wine bottle, a partially filled wine glass, and a cork and number two was drawing a butterfly and then shading it in. I took pictures of them with my cell phone. I sent text photos to the Amazing Mz. M to show her what I had done. She said, "Atta girl!" Then I kept the photos on my phone and I use them as wallpaper. Kind of like my refrigerator door. Remember when you used to put your kids' or nieces' and nephews' school pictures up? So my cell phone is my frig door.

So for those of you, who are holding yourself back from being creative, just know you really are creative. I believe in you. If I can do it so can you.

While Michael was out and about, I worked on my morning pages and an entry for WoM. I called Lady C and chatted with her.

Today is a walking day but for a change, I feed Bailey first before I leave to go for my walk. He is happy about this.

It is sunny today. I am wearing my Betty Boop T-shirt and I am more than warm enough. It is cool enough that I do not work up a sweat. Today's walk is down to South Bay Boulevard and back home again.

mz. em

Currently reading:
-- "Taltos" - Anne Rice
-- "The Daily Book of Art/356 readings that teach, inspire & entertain" - day 30

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