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A Late Night or An Early Morning
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"The voice is a second face." - Gerard Bauer

I don't know what I feel right now except tired and anxious.

We were watching a movie last night. Michael received a text from a friend and off he went into the night. This was fine with me.

Because our house guest was going with Michael to the food bank in the morning, she went off to bed when the movie concluded. I stayed up to watch the news. I watched part of it but fell asleep.

I awoke at 2:45 a.m. when I heard the door and thought Michael had come home. Only he had not. It was our house guest coming in from having a smoke. Phewee, I do not like the smell of cigarette smoke.

I turned off everything and went to bed myself. I called Michael to give him a gentle reminder of his activities later in the morning. He was grateful and even had me talk with his friend. The friend thanked me for allowing Michael to come out to play. With bite guard in mouth, I told him it was no problem and after that said good night to Michael.

I don't know what time it was but Michael came in to kiss me and said he was going to stay up until it was time to go to the food bank. Okay.

I woke up at 5:26 a.m. and the apartment is quiet. I wonder, did they go to the food bank. Since I had to go to the bathroom anyway, I checked the rest of the rooms and no one was there. Boy, I must have been asleep when they left.

It takes me awhile to fall back to sleep but I do.

I dream. It is a dream of being in one place and have to get to somewhere else. I am also being followed. I end up on a military property and being assisted by some of the personnel. I don't remember much more than this.

I do wake up at 6:15 a.m. to take my thyroid medication and at 8:30 a.m. to take my morning pills and I do not awake again until 10 a.m. The apartment is still quiet so Michael and our house guest are not back yet.

This does not last long when I hear a knock on the door and our house guest and bags of food are on the stoop. It looks like we are going to be tied over until next week.

Michael said it was beautiful out that early in the morning. The sky was clear and he could see stars over the top of the Rock. He had wished I had been there to experience it with him instead of our house guest. It sounds beautiful but I was glad to sleep in.

The best part, we have fresh Brussels sprouts and artichokes. Yum, yum, yum!

Michael is on a high from being up all night and is driving me crazy. Wait, I am already crazy. Well he is driving me nutty. I wonder if going off his medications is part of what I am seeing. Could be but now is not the time to talk to him about it.

He has it in his head to go for a ride. I suggest that taking a nap first would be a good idea. He does not agree. Okay, but I am not going for a ride with him because he had asked me. I did not feel it was safe and with the need of a new rear tire, I felt it best I stay home and he go for a ride if that is what he wanted to do.

So, off he went into the wild blue yonder. I could hear his pipes as he roared down the street.

I sit back in my chair with Bailey on my lap. I read my program reading. I have not finished "Lois Remembers" which is an excellent book. She reminds me of Aunt D and me. In this particular chapter, she is living out in the boonies. On a rainy day she is driving a vehicle into town to pick up Bill from the train station. On the way there, she has a flat tire. She changes the tire herself.

Now, I cannot see any woman today, changing a tire. I know I have had to do it before. It is not an easy job and especially if the mechanic who last rotated the tires used a pneumatic wrench on the nuts. Man-oh-man are those hard to loosen up.

Then I read "Taltos" for awhile before I get the urge to get on with my day. What is my plan?

I call Verizon to find out about being charged the overage of 10 minutes on my phone since I was under minutes. I spoke with James who was very nice. He explained that the company doesn't use the shared minutes as in Michael gets so many minutes and I get the other half of the minutes. So even though Michael went over his allotted minutes, I was charged the overage. Company policy, the secondary phone is the one picked for the overage even though they did not go over. This I feel is very unfair especially since I keep track of my minutes to keep our bill at a minimum. Oh well that is just my thinking.

James also noted that we were at a point to upgrade our phones and was all ready to take care of that. I said, "Hold on there." James stopped. I explained that we may be ready for an upgrade but I liked my current phone very much and that the one who would probably get a newer phone would be Michael. James asked to speak to Michael. I said Michael was not available. Well, James would call Michael where he was. I said no that Michael was not available and I would have Michael call when he was ready. At the moment, I don't know that we could afford a new phone now. I don't really want to talk about cell phones because it makes my head spin. I want just a phone. I don't care about connecting to the World Wide Web. I don't care about all the apps that are out there. I just want to be able to call my honey, Lady C, the Amazing Mz. M, or my other friends.

However, I do like the calendar, calculator, and note pad and the to do list that come with my phone. I also like the camera and pictures for changing the wall paper as my moods change. Other than that, it is just a phone.

Michael has returned home. He is still hyper. I know that any moment he is going to drop and he will be out for several hours. It cannot happen soon enough for me. He can be a grumpy old bastard sometimes.

He said that while he was out he had stopped at Moonstone Beach and ended up dropping the bike. Because of the incline he was on, he could not pick up the bike by himself. He said three times he almost had it but eventually he had to have assistance. Three guys who had been working in the area came to his aid and even with the four of them it was difficult getting the bike upright.

Our house guest has been a dear this morning besides going to the food bank with Michael, she has vacuumed the carpet, cleaned up the kitchen, and cleaned up some of the veggies and fruit.

Still, I can hardly wait until she goes home.

She was all in a dither last night. Her guy had called and did not sound good which worried her. Apparently he had done a "jump" whatever that means and had been left two hours without clean air. The good news is his radiation level was normal so he can continue working next month. Still, she said that he did not sound good.

During the love scenes in the movie, our house guest got all weepy and wanted her guy. This I could understand since he is gone for weeks at a time on these jobs. I can only remember what it was like when my boyfriends at the time would go out for a week or more before I would see them again.

I lookup one of my boyfriends on Face Book but did not come up with any hits.

mz. em

Currently reading:
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