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How Does My Garden Grow?
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"My object is to show what I have found, not what I am looking for." - Pablo Picasso

Music this morning:
Eric Bibb - Painting Sounds / This is kind of bluesy and good to meditate to
Tab Benoit - Live: Swampland Jam / This is a Louisiana-style or maybe zydeco and it is good listening

Drinking: Water and coffee flavored with hazelnut Coffee Mate

I see sunshine this morning. There was a heavy mist because the patio is all damp. I noticed the grill had been left out. I believe it went through the last rain. Once the sun has dried the grill off, I or Michael will go out and cover it up today. I don't want it to become rusted because we did not take care of it.

I need to check on my plants on the steps since I don't know if they got any of the rain. They may be in need of some refreshment.

The calla lily flower has died. I need to go out and cut that off.

My other plants are looking good. The plants in the garden are holding steady. My last tomato plant has died. I think when the maintenance men emptied the old water heater into the soil; the hot water may have shocked the plant too much. I guess I would be shocked if someone dumped steaming hot water into my bathtub.

I need to move the plants I have in the front to the patio. No matter where I put the pots, someone comes along and knocks them over. There are two plants and each of them has been knocked over once. One of them has been knocked over a second time, except this time it was by my neighbor. She, at least, came back and swept up the dirt that fell out. I thank her for that.

I can see there is a breeze because the bottle brush bush is waving. The fir trees are still except for the tips I see moving slowly in the light wind.

mz. em
Days Meditating: 5
Currently reading:
-- "Taltos" - Anne Rice
-- "The Daily Book of Art/356 readings that teach, inspire & entertain" - day 42

Read/Post Comments (4)

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