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It's All About Art
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17th day of lunar cycle
Waning moon in Gemini > Cancer - 5:26 a.m. PST
Total lunar eclipse 6:32 a.m. PST

"But what if man had eyes to see the true beauty - the divine beauty, I mean, pure and clear and unalloyed, not clogged with the pollutions of mortality and all the colors and vanities of human life . . .?" - Plato, Symposium, 212

The last couple of days in "The Daily Book of Art" has given me lots to think about in regards to art.

First there were Fun Facts on day 71:

Most people choose blue as their favorite color.

Secondly, if you are trying to diet to wear red or yellow. Apparently it has been shown that these colors speed up your metabolism.

Who knew?

Blue has always been a favorite color of mine. However, now I like black, certain shades of green and violet.

As for red and yellow, I am going to have to find some pictures or look through my scarves to see if I have those colors. I don't know how long this process will take so I will get back to you on this.

Then there is this quote by Plato. What is he saying?

I think he is saying that if we can take away all of our foibles about people, places and things that we will see the divine beauty.

Wouldn't it have been easier just to speak plainly Plato?

I know I am given over to color, the simplicity of a painting or photograph, sometimes even the abstract-ness of a piece of art. And, I am one that does not do abstract well.

The questions to ponder on day 72 are these:

Question 1: Is any work of art ever perfectly beautiful, or is it always flawed in some ways?

Granted I don't like every piece of art I see. I don't think this means the artwork is flawed in any way. Although I do believe in spirit holes. Those little incidents where a spot of color is placed not where it was intended. Maybe in a weaving an accidental dropped stitch (my lack of knowledge about weaving). Definitely there is a dropped stitch in knitting or crochet. But, finally, I believe that every work of art IS perfectly beautiful.

Question 2: Are the five senses capable of receiving universal truths about our world?

Whoa, this is a deep question. I believe if we get to our core beliefs that yes, we do receive universal truths. I also don't feel we are given any more than we are capable of understanding at any given time.

Yesterday, I began the word game, can't remember what it was called in the newspaper, but they would give you a word and your job was to make other words from the letters. The paper would give you the number of words that could be made and your job was to come up with that number. Sometimes I could do it and other times I didn't even come close.

Anyway, I thought about just picking a word from the dictionary and write up the words I could come up with.

My word was aardvark.

Noun. A large, burrowing, nocturnal South African mammal that feeds on ants and termites: it is squat and heavy with a long, sticky tongue and a long head ending in a round, pig-like snout.

I could only come up with two words:

Ark and

Of course there is A. However, as I remember these types of words were not counted.

I went through my speller to see if there were any words I was not aware of and I couldn't find one.

So if any of you can come up with some words, I would be glad to know them.

Being Sunday it is jammie day. On the other hand I still did my self care of brushing of the hair and teeth, washed my face and used my skin care; and, to top it off, I used some teal eyeliner, blue mascara, and some pink lipstick. Just because I'm not going out today doesn't mean I can't look good in my own home. Oh yeah, I used a spritz of perfume.

When I awoke this morning Bailey was sleeping on my stomach/chest waiting patiently for me to wake up. He did a few attempts to speed me along but soon gave up. He was happy when I did get up and around, and, especially so when I fed him.

I did some stuff on facebook this morning. This took all the morning that was left. I decided to remove Page Rage. I did not like their pop up ads. I removed the wallpaper and uninstalled the program on my computer. Now I find I still have the ads and the icons to add or remove the wallpaper. I am not sure how to get that stuff off of my page. This is aggravating and another reason of why I don't download stuff to my computer unless I know what it really is. Grrrr.

Another frustrating bit of the 'Net, I am still going around with WordPress about accessing my website with them. I finally am in contact with a real person via e-mail. I followed his suggestions and to no avail. I have e-mailed him back with my annoyance of WordPress and ended with is there no one at WP that can assist me. I do not want to create a new blog when I already have one. Thank you very much!

Okay, deep breath. It is okay. I have to let go.

It is Sunday Night Football. I have a hard choice because it is a game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants. I root for both of these teams when they play against other teams. I wasn't really happy the last Giants game I watched - they lost. But then, so has the Cowboys. I guess I will be a neutral fan for tonight.

Well, everyone, I hope you have had a good day.

mz. em

Music of the Day:
-- The Rolling Stones - Some Girls

Days meditating: 5

Drinking: Water

Currently reading:
-- "The Last Werewolf" - Glen Duncan
-- "The Daily Book of Art/356 readings that teach, inspire & entertain" - day 73

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