No matter what the day brings, deep down I know it really is a good day because I have the man of my dreams, a kitty who loves me, a roof over my head and I live in paradise.

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A Day of Little Miracles
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22nd day of lunar cycle
Waning moon in Virgo

"It is never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot

My day has been wonky all day. However, I did accomplish quite a few things such as:

1. I finished up two entries in my hard cover journal.

2. I had breakfast with Michael. Need I say it was very yummy? We do not get bacon very often but when we do what a treat.

3. I finished paying all the bills. I only went $10 over into my check guarantee. Everyone got something; maybe, not as much as they would like.

4. I wrote to the housing authority regarding the cost of living increase from Social Security; yea, for Social Security. Then to advise them of the decrease in food stamps because of the SS raise.

5. Went to the library and made copies. Then all the bills were mailed off. I won't have to think of this again until next payday which is next month.

6. I took my walk, a short one but I got out into the sunshine and fresh air.

7. While out I did a 12th Step visit with the County Sheriff's office. I talked with sergeant on duty. He was glad I brought he program to his attention. I gave him my background and that I had 22 years in the program. He said that as a government agency the sheriff's office cannot promote individual programs as an example towing companies and such. I did advise him that we were a non-profit, still they cannot promote. I relayed to him I realized that law enforcement officers are affected daily by the drinking of some one else. The sergeant acknowledged this. I also said that if the sheriffs were aware of Al-Anon they might be able to direct the ones affected by another's drinking to the program. I gave him my name and number in case he had questions and he wrote them down and said he wanted to look at what I had given him, he took one of everything I had brought to share. So, we will see what seeds have been planted here.

8. I went to Squeaks Chirps & Bubbles to get Bailey another can of Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul. While I was there I told Susie that Bailey was getting into the cat tree and liking the top perch. Who should be in the store but the manufacturer's rep for the product. He gifted me with 50 cents towards the can of cat food and then gifted me with a six pound bag of dry food. This was after I raved about the food and that Chicken Soup dry food is all that Bailey has eaten since we brought him home. I also talked Susie up as being the best pet store owner. This has made my day.

9. Our next door neighbors Mr. and Mrs. T gifted us with a small table top holiday tree. It is green tinsel with little green lights. Just enough good cheer without overpowering the room. Tomorrow I will clean off the top of the table and place Biker Claus and Izzy my fairy pig on each side of the tree. We have great neighbors!

When I returned home, I finally was able to meditate. What a hard time I had in quieting my mind. I don't know how many times I had to began counting my breaths over again because I started thinking about the things that occurred in my day. I finally calmed down.

When I came out, Michael had been working in the bathroom. After a year of sitting on the tank of the john, Michael was ready to attach the cabinet to the wall. He said it was just now that he felt like we were settled and we weren't going to be asked to move. He needed my assistance. At first I was reluctant to give it because of the things I wanted to do but thank heavens for meditating; I calmed down, and went about giving him a hand without feeling resentful. Now the cabinet is hung, we can get to the top of the tank if we need to and the cabinet looks great in our bathroom. Now, I need to go in there and put things away and clean up the dust created in drilling the holes. Plus, the floor needs to be swept since I really didn't get a chance to do it this morning.

I am feeling bushed. I have my meeting tonight which I will go to and then I think I will quit for the day. I will hit my hot spots tomorrow and all the other little things that need to be done.

Music of the Day:
-- Sounds from outside

Days meditating: 9

Drinking: Water, coffee, one banana, bacon, eggs, and hash browns with cheese

Currently reading:
-- "Phantom Evil" - Heather Graham
-- "Living, Loving & Learning" - Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D.
-- "The Daily Book of Art/356 readings that teach, inspire & entertain" - day 75

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