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I'm Twittering and I'm Not a Bird
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"The poem refreshes the world." - Wallace Stevens

Twittering, tweeting but not chirping; yes, I have joined the ranks of Tweeters.

The reason for joining Twitter was because I saw Steve Martin on Rock Center with Brian Williams. Martin said he tweets regularly. That was the hook for me since I like Steve Martin.

Now I follow all of my favorite people like Martin, Bette Midler, Russell Crowe, and Catherine Coulter. In reading Coulter's tweets, I am finding she is a football fan in addition to being an author. The other amazing thing is that I now have some followers. I've checked out their home page and they seem okay. I have had some lively tweets with them. One is even a Merle Haggard fan; now, how bad can a person be when they like the Hag?

Of course, this takes me make to my post about the computer is not a friend. I have to say I don't spend a lot of time on Twitter and I am thinking about giving it up altogether. The thing is, when will I do this?

Oh well, not today.

Earlier in the week I wrote about our blessings. One of them was the free luncheon we attended yesterday at a church in a neighboring town.

We were pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome we received by two church members who were in the parking lot, Claire and Emily. Yes, I have met another Emily who is about my age. This brings the Emily count to two.

Once inside the church, which is Presbyterian, we were greeted by numerous church members. We chose a table and scanned the room for anyone we might know. Nope, no one here we know. The tables in the room were decorated simply by nicely. I told Michael how much I liked the flower decoration.

I'm not sure what kind of cut flowers they were but they were placed in a small bowl with glass pebbles in the bottom. A simple arrangement but made the table cheerful.

One of the other members came up and asked what we would like to drink and came back with our refreshments.

Next the pastor introduced himself and made a statement about the church and what they were doing today with the luncheon. Then he gave a short but effective prayer for the bounty we were to receive.

I don't know if I was in another emotional state but I did not feel anxious being around what I consider to be "holy rollers."

The food was a slice of ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans with diced ham, and a roll. All of this was hand-prepared and very tasty. Dessert was divine, some kind of a cherry crumble.

We had one couple and a single lady come and sit with us. There was not a heavy influx of "religion" although we were asked if we were Christians which we said yes but not of the mainline variety. We discussed with Claire and Ron that after studying many traditions that it all boiled down that they believe in a power greater than themselves.

It ended up we were the last people to leave. In doing so, we were offered two covered plates of food, a gallon of milk, and the table decoration.

You could say we scored, but, we met some nice people and had a great lunch. There are truly blessings in the world.

Although I feel tired and not to energetic so far today I have accomplished the following:

Fed Bailey and cleaned out his litter box and added new litter.

Put away the clean dishes and wiped down the counters.

I dusted the dining room floor. I say dusted because this room does not get a lot of use so it's not really dirty but dusty.

And, I have read and responded to e-mail and read the news.

Other than that my other two projects are to clean out my 2010 files and to finish my book. I am now down to the last 100 pages. I should be able to finish it today.

After Friday's and Saturday's rain, we received just under an inch and a half. Rain is predicted for later today and into Monday.

At the moment it is sunny with fluffy clouds. Some birds have come to feed. Bailey is napping in Michael's chair while I type. It looks like a lazy day in the Fricia household.

mz. em

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