No matter what the day brings, deep down I know it really is a good day because I have the man of my dreams, a kitty who loves me, a roof over my head and I live in paradise.

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"Rastafarians regard their dreadlocks as 'high tension cables to heaven.'" - Diane Ackerman

I have kept this quote the last two times of writing because I like it.

I could not imagine having dreadlocks. I like the idea of them being "high tension cables to heaven" though.

I wonder if they are heavy and would cause headaches. Would they be comfortable to sleep on I wonder. The next time I have a chance to speak to someone with dreadlocks I will have to ask these questions.

I have thought of doing my hair in dreadlocks because of the length. When I mentioned this to Michael, he screwed up his face and shook his head no. I could see by his look he was thinking, "What is she thinking?"

I have thought of doing cornrows, such as Bo Derek had in the movie "10." I wonder how long it would take to braid all of my hair. I even bet it would cost a lot of money too.

Another question I have is how would you keep your hair and scalp clean. I know that with cornrows I used to run cotton balls soaked in an alcohol-water solution and run the balls in between the rows. I would think the same application would work with dreadlocks as well.

I wonder what I would look like. My hair is down past my waist and is brown with white highlights. Nope, I see myself as a cornrow girl rather than one with dreadlocks. Plus, I don't really have the lifestyle to wear dreadlocks.

I have done well this week in getting up at a regular time. Sun, Monday, Thursday and Friday I have gotten up at 8:30 a.m. although I would have liked to have slept longer. Tuesday and Wednesday I am up at 6 a.m. because I go to the food bank on these days.

Sunday, I am contemplating trying out a new Episcopalian church so I will probably get up at 6 a.m. so I can make the 8 a.m. service. Only by Sunday will I know if this will work.

I have been told by others it is good for me to get up at a regular time every day because it sets my internal clock. Also, it is good to get dressed every day too. This says to your mind you are ready for the day even though you may not leave the house.

I have been working on getting up and getting dressed. I do have to say that the days I get dressed down to shoes, I do feel better.

If I get dressed for church, I will have to decide if when I return do I want to get back into my jammies for a jammy day.

Oh, the questions I ponder.

I have decided today is a gardening day.

I went out and refreshed the water in both bird baths, although, rain is predicted for later today or by tonight.

Today begins the creating of my garden in the front of the apartment. I have two containers I found in a free pile in front of a house. They are decorative containers. The only thing I needed to do was put some drainage holes in. Luckily, Michael had found me a nail for just such a purpose. I now have two plants sitting by the edge of the stoop. I am going to use rocks as boundaries between the pots.

I also put the plastic pastry bottom over the compost pot. It is not a good fit and I feel if there is any wind, the top will blow off. The reason for covering the compost is that I read on one of the on-line sites that any kind of water going through the compost can leach out the nutrients I am attempting to build. I may move the pot up under the eaves to stave off some of the water. Either that or put everything into the existing compost. I write this because I have not turned over what is in the pot in some time and it needs it for the breaking down of the material.

After discussing the composting situation with Michael we have come to the conclusion that my set up is not easy or appropriate for what I am intending. Hence, he is going to dump what I have in the trash container. I am okay with this and now I will have a larger pot to use for when I get a larger plant.

I did transplant my rosemary into a larger pot. This was a good thing because when I removed the plant it was root bound. I had to take scissors to cut up the ball before I placed it in the larger pot.

While I was out there, a new bird I have since once before came to drink from the bird bath. The bird is of medium size with colors of purple and blue feathers on the top half of the bird. There are tones of brown on the underside and along the wings. It is a pretty bird.

Many blessings we have received this week.

On Tuesday at the food bank, there were two tables set up. One had clothes and the other had kid's toys. From the clothing table I found two pair of jeans that fit me. Then a friend found a pair of overalls that also fit me. Whoopee! From the toys table I found a couple of dinosaurs I picked up for my neighbor's grandson.

The next blessing came from the Wednesday food bank where a lady was handing out flyers from a local church. The church is holding Thursday night dinners through the month of January for anyone who is homeless and/or hungry.

So last night Michael and I went to St. Benedict's Episcopalian church to have dinner. For the month of January, the church is offering dinner to the homeless and hungry. It was a simple dinner with chicken, two kinds of pasta salad, homemade bread (yum), mixed vegetables, scrambled eggs from free range chickens and a bowl of ice cream.

One reason for going was to have a night out and the second was for me to check out this church. Since we don't usually have enough gas money for me to make it into SLO-town to my home church, I haven't attended a service in quite awhile. So, going to dinner offered me an opportunity to check out the congregation and what it has to offer.

The next blessing came from the Salvation Army. We went to collect provisions for the month and one of the staff members told us about an area church holding a free luncheon on Saturday. We said yes, we would like to go. We will have another outing and an opportunity to meet new people.


Well the diet is basically non-evolving. I did well on the Sunday I wrote about it. The rest of the week has been hit and miss as to food. I did get in a salad which Michael prepared for me. I have been eating more fruit than usual.

For exercise, I have walked three times this week. Not very far but I feel the important part is that I got out of the house. I am going around the block so maybe a half mile or less.

Well, I finished all of my outdoor work just in time. As I write this entry is has begun to rain.

mz. em

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