No matter what the day brings, deep down I know it really is a good day because I have the man of my dreams, a kitty who loves me, a roof over my head and I live in paradise.

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The Push is On
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"I write letters to right brain all the time. They're just little notes. And right brain, who likes to get little notes from me, will often come through within a day or two." - Sue Grafton

My day began at 6 a.m. I take my thyroid medication. I get dressed. I grab the recycle bags I use for the food bank and head out the door. It is still dark outside. The sky is clear and it is cold out.

Today I stayed at the church until it was time to collect our food. I brought my latest James Patterson book and I read to my heart's content until others begin to show. Because it is cold outside, we are allowed to sit inside while the staff prepares our staples for the day. Because it is St. Valentine's Day, us girls get a big bouquet of flowers. This is a nice gesture.

On the way home, I stop off at the pharmacy to pick up my scripts. I am glad I called my nurse practitioner because I was out of my diabetes medicine, Metformin. As yet, I do not know what happens to me if I go too many days without it. I am glad I didn't have to find out.

Back home, Michael stashes our goodies and I work on balancing my checkbook. Yea! Everything balances this month. Plus, there is enough to cover all our bills. Halleluiah, the Great Spirit heard my prayer. My being so assertive about our sticking to a budget is paying off.

Michael got to do battle with AT&T again this month. From the time we signed up with them for an Internet hookup, we were assured that the connection fee would be waived. However, every bill we received did not show this waiver and Michael would call and they would tell us what they thought we wanted to hear but nothing was done. The only thing from the call was Michael's blood pressure would raise a couple of notches. Today, he was ready to do battle and kept asking for a supervisor that could deal with this situation and finally do something about it. With this fee gone, the bill was easily paid in full and I now believe we are current with said company. I certainly hope so as my blood pressure goes up just listening to Michael deal with these people.

It just amazes me the attitude that comes across the phone lines by the staff that handles customer service. There is no smile coming across the lines as we deal with them. All they want is the money and be damned that I am paid only once a month and their bill arrives long after I have paid the bills and I have to schedule them in for the next month hence we are a month behind.

To let off steam, we decided to run errands and get out of the house for awhile. We drove over to the library only to learn they were closed for the holiday. Second stop is the post office to purchase stamps and to mail off the bills that I cannot pay on-line. I didn't realize until I returned home that the postman didn't even ask me if I had a preference on the stamps I received. What I did get was the Forever stamp of the flag and Statute of Liberty. They will do but I would have preferred having something a little more comfortable.

Onto the storage unit to retrieve some rags for our apartment cleaning; we stopped off at the manager's office just to touch base and alert her to when our next monthly payment will be. The business would like to get paid on the first of the month but since my check comes on the second Tuesday we are a couple of weeks behind. Because we have always come in on that day, the manager has waived the late fee of $10. Thank heavens!

After that we drive over to the grocery store. This is going to hurt this month since I need to purchase laundry detergent, Swiffer wet and dry clothes and the dusters. Last but not least to buy enough canned food for Bailey to get him through the month and one bag of treats for a backup.

Another stop for Bailey is the pet store for a bag of litter. I usually like to buy the 25 pound bag but the last two times I have not had the money to do so and this month is no different. Possibly next month I can get the large bag. I personally feel it is a better buy but one does need to work within one's budget doesn't one?

Last stop is the gas station for gasoline for the truck. I can hardly believe but petrol is now $3.97 a gallon. I am hearing from news reports that within a matter of months it will go over the $4 a gallon mark. How do the oil companies expect us to get to and from work or travel in general with gas this high? At best, I can put $30 in the tank and that doesn't even fill it up. It is no wonder we don't go anywhere because what gas is in the tank has to be used for emergencies and must do trips into SLO-town.

Upon our return home, Michael heads outside to clean the windows and to dust the cobwebs from the eaves and window frames. Plus he sweeps the walkway and the back patio. While he is doing that, I am cleaning the bathroom, working on my hot spot my by chair and cleaning the kitchen.

Michael has told me that with taking our garbage out that the recycle side of the trash bin is completely full. People around our little complex must really be doing the spring cleaning.

All that is left now is to dry mop the dining room floor and we are basically done. Yeeha!

I will be so glad when tomorrow is over.

BTW happy Valentine's Day everyone.

mz. em

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--"Run For Your Life" James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
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-- "The Daily Book of Art/356 readings that teach, inspire & entertain" - day 114

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