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Coffee or Tea?
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"No one can make you mad, sad, or glad but yourself." - Anonymous

Recently I was asked whether I liked coffee or tea best.

Back in the day, I definitely would have said coffee. I could drink a pot all by myself. Of course, I was staying up late and getting up early so I needed that caffeine buzz.

Then again tea would always pop its head up and I would have spells where all I would drink was tea. Lipton, of course, was the main staple until I found Celestial Seasonings tea.

I fell in love with the box of tea first. At that time there were all kinds of quotes, facts, and the box was very colorful. Even the inside of the box had writing on it. Now days, they might have one or two quotes but that's it. The flavors of tea were very good and it was the first time for me that I had a tea bag with no string attached to a tab in which to dunk in my water. What a concept! One of my favorites was Tension Tamer this was back when I felt stressed all the time. I do believe it helped and then maybe the ritual of making tea helped calm me down.

Then along comes Starbucks and their fancy coffees. I had never had a latte or a cappuccino. Oh my, I am back to coffee again. Little coffee shops open up all over the place. Michael's and my favorite was a coffee shop named Coffee 'n Things. Before we went on a motorcycle ride we would begin our day there. When we finished our ride we would end up back at the coffee shop to reflect on our ride. The other nice thing and it added to the coffee experience was this shop was at the edge of the bay. So while we enjoyed our coffee, we could gaze at the water, the birds, the sailboats, and at the other persons sitting around us. We made some good friends there and it was a great place to begin a ride.

I have attempted to keep to the independent coffee shops but I have to say I do like Starbucks' café mocha a whole lot.

Now I am back to tea and my tea of choice is the Good Earth tea. My favorite is the original sweet & spicy and it is caffeine free. I have not tried the other flavors since I like the sweet & spicy so much.

I have to say I also like Bigelow's Plantation Mint tea. This is great hot and it makes delicious iced tea.

I have not done research on this but I am told by others that tea has more caffeine in it than coffee. Although, I have never experienced the buzz from tea as I have from coffee.

So, I guess I could say I like both coffee and tea. It all depends on what mood I'm in.

Yesterday, I was conversing with Michael about making this coming year one in which we become more physically fit. Both of us have been complaining about our weight and how we feel. My suggestion was that we begin walking every day. Heck, where we live in town, everything is within walking distance. As you can expect, he harrumphed, made faces and said maybe. I left it alone for the day.

Well with yesterday's three loops to the community center and back, I feel I had already began my trek for better health. I was surprised when I woke up this morning that I actually wanted to go for a walk. With sunshine coming in through the window probably didn't have a hand in my desire?

I got up and dressed. I took care of Bailey's needs and then I picked up my walking stick, Sir Thomas, and headed out the door. On the way I stopped and chatted with my next door neighbor. Then his wife came out heading for work, she works in town; so, I walked with her up to the corner and then we went our separate ways. I took what I call a short walk. It was level ground and all on a sidewalk. Michael was up by the time I returned home.

Later, Michael was talking about going to the library and then to the post office. I mentioned the fact that it was nice out and we could walk. He agreed. The walk to both places and then to home, got our heart rate up, the sun felt good, and we now have one walk down on our way to health.

mz. em

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