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Appointments and Errands
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"One learns by doing a thing; for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try." - Sophocles

Today is another busy day. What is up with this? I'm just glad I am feeling better emotionally. These ups and downs with my bipolar can knock me for a loop even with medication.

Our first appointment for the day is for Michael to go to the VA to get lab work done so he can see his doctor and to get a flu shot.

With gas prices ($4.29 a gallon) they way they are, we save up everything to be done in SLO-town. No more just one jog into town and back home again.

Unfortunately, my doctor's appointment isn't until 2 p.m. So to fill up our time we went over to Best Buy. Michael was doing some research on a Roku. It is an appliance that allows you to stream movies, shows, and games on your television. Best Buy had them and Michael read all the material. The one that will be best for us is about $100 plus tax. This will take awhile to save up for.

Next, I look for an MP3 player. I found a Sony that I liked. It was a bright red, it can hold 500 songs, and it even has access to the FM radio. This suits my needs and do I have 500 songs to put on it? I can't even imagine that many songs on this little thing. The size is less than a dollar and it weighs 2.1 ounces. Plus, it comes with ear buds. Now, I have to find $80 to purchase this little darling.

We also look into a new phone plan and new phones. Nope, not going there; as for plans the sales rep said we had the best deal with Verizon. That may be so, but their billing practices leave a lot to be desired. Michael and I are old school. Neither one of us wants to surf the 'Net on phones, I mean, this is what we have our lap tops for. Nor do we care for all the apps. Free or not. I am happy with the phone I have and the rep suggested I hold onto it.

We, or I should say I, drooled over the Dyson vacuum cleaners. However, as good as Dysons seem to be, I am happy with my Dirt Devil plus it is red.

My next drooling session was over a new lap top. I found one I liked. It is lighter than the one I use now and it even has a number pad which I like when I am doing my budget. This one is a Samsung and it goes for $550. Ye gads but still that isn't too bad. Another item I will have to save up for.

Michael didn't find what he was looking for but he has some ideas and a better idea of what he wants in a lap top. Our questions were answered by a sales rep that was very knowledgeable about the products. She even printed out the information on the Sony MP3 and the lap top I liked. When the time comes to purchase, I hope she is still there.

After information overload at Best Buy, we walked over Sears to check on the price of clothing for Michael and I checked out the optical department. To get an eye exam it costs $65. I don't know if that is good or not. Plus, in looking for frames, they did not have any round lenses.

Our final stop at the mall was Petco. We looked at food for Bailey; we learned we are getting a better deal at our little pet store than from a big box store. The cat trees were overpriced compared to what we purchased. So, it doesn't hurt to buy local.

Finally, it is time for my appointment. We arrived early and Michael suggested I go up anyway. I did and found I wasn't on the books. Luckily, I had my card from when I was there last and gave it to the receptionist. Within five minutes, I was escorted to the scales and then into an exam room.

As always my NP is cheerful and ready to answer all my questions. This time I had only three questions. She checked my glucose level which was 209. This is down from the last time I had lab work done. I feel the Januvia is working. I came home with a month's worth of pills and a prescription. This is a front line medication so I can only imagine what the co-pay will be. Oh well, I won't have to know until next month and I don't have to see my NP for two months. Yea!!!

With appointments and errands done we head for home. What a lovely day out. I am so glad to be home and comfortable in my chair. Everyone takes a nap. I am happy that we got in some physical activity in by walking around the mall. It was a good day.

mz. em

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