No matter what the day brings, deep down I know it really is a good day because I have the man of my dreams, a kitty who loves me, a roof over my head and I live in paradise.

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You Are My Sunshine
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"There are certain mysteries, certain secrets in my own work which even I don't understand, nor do I try to do so." - Georges Brague

I awoke to my little fur alarm clock. Bailey was lying on me with his paw on my face and making soft mewling noises. Boy he is persistent.

There is sunshine today. Yea! My plan for the day is to walk first thing. I texted my neighbor to see if she wanted to go but she was in the midst of housecleaning.

I forgot to note the time I left my house so I do not know how long my walk took today. I was figuring it up in my head that with an hour and ten minutes at three times a week equals walking every day for 30 minutes. That’s not too bad when I think about it.

Today, I was cognizant enough to realize that there are five inclines of varying grades. For now all of them tire me out but I keep walking. I do not stop mid-way. This is where I walk to the next crack in the street or shadow, or mailbox until I reach the top. Although I am not power walking up these inclines, I am taking them one step at a time albeit slowly.

I noticed that my knees didn't give me a fit or my back. The body part that said hey listen to me was my upper thighs. Also, my hips didn't bother me either. What I need to do is get a battery into my pedometer and use that when I am walking as that will tell me the distance I am walking.

Bex at Thoughts from Crow Cottage and I were talking about whether or not sidewalks were available, the farther away from town I get, the less sidewalks. There is one stretch that the county put up a sign that states: "Pavement Ends." Yes it does. For about four houses and then the pavement begins again. The unpaved part is of hard-packed sand with loose sand on top.

Well, the day is progressing nicely.

The housing authority has come out and talked with our problem neighbor.

I have cleaned the hummingbird feed with Michael's assistance. I had noticed the birds were not feeding and now I know why. It was nasty in the base. So, new liquid is cooling and the feeder is soaking with some bleach water to remove the nasty stuff.

Bailey has a new litter box and the used one has been washed and is now soaking up some rays. I do feel that the 24-hour period of being outside helps kill whatever germs are there and kills any odors that might want to hang around. All I know is that I want Bailey to like his box and to keep using it. I do not want to find any surprises on the carpet.

I'm going to call it a day and take some time to read, maybe even a nap.

mz. em

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