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"Believe the best in yourself. Then it is easier to believe the best in others." - Mardy Kopischke

This entry is so late because I am still reeling after last night's explosion in our complex.

Yes, I said explosion!

About 7:30 p.m. or so, Michael was snoozing on the futon and I was, in my chair by the window, grooming Bailey. Then we heard an explosion and the whole apartment shook. At first we thought it might have been an earthquake but like nothing we had experienced before.

All the neighbors were coming out from their homes. We all made sure we were all right which we were. Then our attention turned to our neighbor across the way from our apartment. His lights were out and he did not come out.

His neighbors to the right of him and shares a wall, went over and pounded on his door. We had no idea if he was injured or not. He did respond to her knocking and said he had everything under control and slammed the door in her face. This only upset her more because her apartment shook the worst.

The history here was a week and two days ago, he had had another explosion that spooked all of us. His response was that he was baking a pizza and the oven blew up. Ya right, that apartment had been totally renovated from the last tenant who was a drug dealer and all the appliances had been replaced with new one, new flooring and all the walls painted. This time we called the fire department. When they showed, the tenant did not want to let them in but safety always prevails.

Anyway, this time the fire and sheriff's department were called as well as our landlord. The sheriff evacuated everyone from our apartments and kept us in the parking lot for two and a half hours. Meanwhile, the sheriff's were checking out the apartment along with the fire department.

The sheriff told us that apparently the tenant had been attempting to dry out pot using butane and the gas built up and exploded. This blew out the glass in both slider doors and burned areas in the kitchen. The tenant had burns on his legs and arms. Good, I say. I know that sounds unfriendly but since he could have blown us all sky high, he deserves what he gets.

I was so nerved up that a sheriff went into our apartment and brought out my bad that had my panic medications since I was experiencing shortness of breath and a rapidly beating heart. For as long as we were out there I should have had him bring my pill box because I had medication I need to take at 8:30 p.m.

Later we were told the fire department found a suspicious looking item in the freezer and the bomb squad was called. We did not get just one truck but two trucks. I can only imagine how much this is costing that our landlords may have to handle or the tenant.

Finally around 10 p.m. the officers said we could return to our home. Both departments were there until after midnight. They came out with bags of evidence and other stuff. I can only imagine this was drug paraphernalia.

Our landlords didn't appear until this morning. They have taken control of the premises. Maintenance guys secured all the windows and put up caution tape and put up plywood over the missing slider doors. We learned from the landlord that the tenant had received a three-day notice. This is great but they should have listened to all of us the first time this all happened.

On the news tonight we saw the tenant and that he is being held for what he had done and has a $500,000 bail set. From whom we saw going in and out of his apartment, none of them looked like they had that kind of money. I have a strong suspicion that he is going to be in jail for a long time. Good!

Anyway, I have been up and down with this all day. I assume it is my PTSD acting up. All I can do now is take care of myself and pray that our landlord will do a better job next time in placing a tenant in that apartment.

mz. em

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