No matter what the day brings, deep down I know it really is a good day because I have the man of my dreams, a kitty who loves me, a roof over my head and I live in paradise.

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Ask and you shall receive. In today's food bank provisions I gained four more avocados. They all need to ripen a little more and are now sitting in a paper sack. I do see guacamole in my future!

Today marks the 106th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake which nearly leveled San Francisco.

A ceremony was held at 5:12 a.m. in commemoration with a minute of silence.

What I didn't know was 3,000 people died in that quake. In addition homage was given to the four people who are still living that survived the quake. Two of them were infants and are now the age of 106 and 107.

Wow, I couldn't even imagine being that age. I wonder what they do remember of that momentous day.

To read more go to The San Francisco Gate.

Many of you by now have heard the news that Dick Clark died today. He was 82. It is hard to believe the guy is gone. I know that death is part of the life cycle but this was someone I grew up with.

I can remember being at my girlfriend's house and we would watch American Bandstand and be dancing in front of the TV.

Then in 1972 I was watching the New Year's Eve festivities from Times Square in New York City. I mean every New Year's Eve party I went to in the coming years had the TV on so we could watch what was going on and do the countdown for the new year.

Rest in peace Dick, you shall be missed.

I went to the doctor's today in follow up from my labs taken last week. With the added medication of Januvia, my blood glucose is still high and I still have diarrhea.

On that note, my doctor took me off the Metformin. She said I could take probiotics to aid with the diarrhea but I think I am going to wait to see what my body does now that I'm off the Metformin. The Metformin is what was causing the diarrhea in the first place. If I still have problems then I will do the probiotics.

With the Januvia, I informed her that my co-pay was $45. This is cost prohibited for me. She understood that and advised me not to get the refill and prescribed a new medication, Tradjenta. Plus, she is going to check with the company to see if I qualify for financial aid from them. I hope so and especially if the medication works.

I also came home with a blood glucose meter for me to begin taking daily readings. This is something new for me and not one I particularly relish as I don't like needles. And, this is from a woman who has numerous tattoos.

And, she is weaning me off my HRT of estradiol, since I have been on it since 2004. To think I am at the age I don't have to worry about that stuff any longer. However, I still have night sweats and her recommendation is to talk to the staff at New Frontiers which is a great health food store about black cohosh or some other herbal remedy. This will have to wait until next month's paycheck though.

The good news is I will live another five weeks because that is when she wants to see me again.

Other than that it has been and up and down day. It has been sunny, warm, and breezy. The weather forecasters advise it is to be even warmer tomorrow. This will be fine with me as I want to do some clean up of my back patio and some weeding in the garden.

So with that I bid you adieu till tomorrow.

Mz. em

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