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The Eyes of the Beholder
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Joints are sore

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What Did I See First?
This is a continuation of Monday's entry only it is from Michael's perspective.

I was at the coffee shop having a cup of java.
I began to get a niggling.
The niggling became stronger.
I felt the need to go home.
I couldn't ignore the niggling any longer.
I prepared to leave.
I rode up El Moro to 7th.
There at the side of the road.
Was a woman having troubles with her motorcycle.
The one man there on a brand x bike left.
I pulled across the street and parked my bike.
I strode over to see the woman and the bike.
A ruby red bike I thought might be a Sportster.
I thought wrong and was put in my place.
It was a FXR Super Glide with an 81 cubic inch motor.
The bike was upright.
The woman appeared to me as an Amazon.
She had long dark blonde hair in a braid.
She had on tight Wrangler jeans.
A real leather biker's jacket.
Black cowboy boots.
A smile to break the barriers of your heart.
She explained what had happened.
I did what I could on the side of the street.
Lucky for me I lived a block away.
I turned her bike around.
The woman was unabashed.
But, I could tell she was concerned.
She made it to my house.
Her friend and guardian of the moment followed behind.
I was able to repair her bike for her return home.
When I asked if she wanted a trial run.
She responded "would you take it?"
Whoa, no Harley rider does that.
Then I knew she was really shaken.
There was more to this woman than I thought.
I rode it down the street and back.
It would get her home.
I had some time before an appointment.
I offered to ride home with her.
The guardian was not sure about this.
The woman assured her she was fine.
In a few minutes we were off.
Not long, we had to stop because her mirror had come loose.
There she learned I did not smoke.
She seemed to be pleased with this information.
Another stop provided her the information I was not a drinker.
She also learned I was between women.
At home, we parked her bike.
She offered to go to the local bar for a Coke.
In payment of my work.
Next I knew, she was on my bike.
A short ride down to Harold's by the Sea.
Cokes ordered.
Conversation began.
Each of us giving the story of our rides.
Then the Cokes were gone.
Question was, what next?
She said, let's ride.
She's on my bike like nothing to it.
She gripped her thighs around my waist.
Off we went.
At one point, she asked if I was trying to scare her.
I queried, "Are you?"
She replied, "No."
We started off with a pull of the throttle.
Straight-a-ways, "S" curves, you name it, the lady could ride.
I took her home.
I walked her up to her apartment.
We talked a little more.
I began to leave.
But, I turned around.
I went back to the woman and kissed her good and hard.
I then left.
Will she be thinking about me after I'm gone?
I believe so.
I remembered her by soreness of my ribs by the gripping of her thighs.

(Emily had just fallen over on her motorcycle at a stop sign. The carburetor had a dead spot in it.)



"I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again." - William Penn, English entrepreneur and philosopher

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