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Saturday? What Saturday?
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Ach, like a fool I stayed awake too late last night then couldn't get to sleep - last time check was 4.58 am at which point I took sleeping pills and didn't wake up till the day was almost done and the sun was already plummeting out of the sky. For fuck's sake.

So I'm taking one of my Sis's killer knock out pills tonight, quite soon and not let myself slide into being nocturnal, cos it's shite. Done it before, done it too often, don't want to do it again.

My mate Mwelsh arrived just as I was having breakfast and persuaded me to join her for a coffee out "there" in the frenzy of Christmas shopping at the bottom of my street. I came home with:

namely a string of lights for ED's room and the makings of a warm, if slightly questionable, winter dress. Mine will be a bit longer than that, on the knee, with plain long sleeves and no cowl. Step one of making it is hoovering the floor, so that I can lay out the fabric, pin on the pattern and cut out the pieces without them collecting a thick layer of fag ash, cat hair and whatever else the fuck is going on down there. Which will have to wait till tomorrow (at the earliest).

Also washed up all the mugs and read the paper a bit. Now back to bed.

Grateful for: drugs, both prescribed and proscribed; Sis lending me a(nother) big chunk of dosh until I get my teacher's pension next summer; Bloke's mum's sewing machine, with which I will do my dress-making; the wind has dropped; a certain numbness

Sleep well xxx

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