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Gah! There's a live debate about benefits on and it's making me CRAZY! They're carrying on as if there's a massive gang of scroungers living the life of Riley at tax-payers' expense, ignoring the facts that a) most unemployed are out of work due to public sector cuts and businesses going bust - there are reports of over 1,000 people applying for vacancies b) the flat screen tellies that so infuriate these pundits were owned before jobs were lost c) as indeed the children were born while people had work d) the biggest chunk of benefits is pensions, which people have paid into all their working lives, the second is topping up wages that are below poverty level, ie sponsoring companies - argh enough, enough, it makes me so cross.

Grateful for: Getting treatment for my mental health stuff while we have an NHS; likewise daughter; and other daughter; warm milk at bedtime; good books

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