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Today was lost to teeth. Bad pain on and off all lasy night - sucking a clove was more effective pain relief than anything else - called dentist when I woke up - return call twenty minutes later offering cancellation in an hour. Necked valium plus a few more and one for luck, staggered down the road (dentist in same street), had two teeth extracted - hadn't realised it was two adjacent ones causing the grief - staggered up the hill to home, fell asleep, woke up dazed and confused, feeling as if I've been punched in the face. No more sharp, vicious pain, just a bruisy sort of ache. That's all. Sat on sofa, going back to bed now.

Grateful for: NHS - yay for the NHS (that's not a reasoned, articulate defense but it's all I got and it matters - yay for the NHS); anaesthesia - imagine when the only option was to drink yourself into oblivion; having a day off from the rest of my life - kind of stupefied by it all, not unpleasant; proper misty chilly weather today, not scary freak heat; no more toothache - man that is nasty

Sleep well xxx

Read/Post Comments (3)

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