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I feel as if there's something I've forgotten, but if so I've forgotten it properly - gone without leaving a trace of content, just a vague uneasiness.

I managed to wean myself off the valium, not without a big increase in anxiety and insomnia for a few days there, but they weren't really doing any good any more, just holding off the aforementioned increase in anxiety and insomnia, so they had to go. I'm still a bit twittery, but that's OK.

It makes writing hard though, as my thoughts are jittering about too much and I don't want to get into anything too heavy as I might fall down the plughole again.

I've been to yoga again though and managed to complete the whole class this time, by which I mean I didn't come out of any poses early. Muscle memory is quite remarkable - after a break of four months, my body struggled in Monday's class, but a mere four days later it's like, 'Oh, yoga, right, I can do that.'

And that's all I've got tonight.

I am grateful for: drop-in yoga a short walk from home; warmer weather settling in a bit; a good afternoon with Sis and the babies yesterday; emergency zopiclone from Doc, which I am going to be sensible with (honest gov); my warm bed

Laters xx

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