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I've found myself welling up with loathing of and hatred for a remarkable number of people om the telly. Currently Morrissey, but there have been many others. Starting with Rolf Harris.

That's number one on my list of things that aren't helping right now, actually. Look:

Things that aren't helping right now, actually
1. Rolf Harris. He's the latest of a line of male TV presenters to be up in court charged with multiple cases of rape and sexual assault against female children. Savile was always repulsive, but I liked Rolf Harris, very much. I loved his silly cover versions of classic up-themselves rock songs, like Stairway to Heaven and walked miles in the hot sun at Glasto to hear him sing them a few years ago, and even dressed up in a celebratory fashion. And I got him wrong. He isn't a nice friendly old dude. He's a groomer. Savile was a brute who took what he wanted by force, with total disregard for the humanity of his targets - who didn't try and hide the fact that he was creepy and dodgy as fuck. Harris though - and if he was at it, then how can you ever know? You can't go through life assuming everyone is capable of the worst things, but - ach, it just does my head in. It makes me feel sick and angry and vulnerable. I know he hasn't been found guilty, but he's accused of behaving in the same way by a series of women who didn't know each other, reported separately, encouraged to come forward as part of the Yewtree operation.

2. The wind, which has been blowing up a storm for several days, loud enough to hear it all the time, getting under my skin after a while, as it always does, just making me jittery.

3. YD's landlords, who are trying to evict them from their flat, turn out to need the money from selling it for their defence as they're up on charges of big-time drug dealing and possession of weapons and ammunition. Fuck. Ing. Hell. Case currently adjourned till August.

4. The Eurovision song contest. Fuck off.

5. Nigel Farage - you can fuck off as well, right off.

Sometimes it's all just meh

Read/Post Comments (2)

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