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That's been me today, awash with sorrow and despair at not being able to look after my baby girl. So not much to report.

One piece of good news though. I can't even remember how long ago it was that Son was offered a proper job using his law degree, months and bloody months, it must be - they're plodding through counter-terrorist vetting - but anyway, when he was offered the job he started looking for somewhere more central to live and viewed a room in a big flash shared house where all the other tenants worked in the law or politics. He liked the place and the people - ended up spending the whole evening with them - but didn't have a starting date or a deposit so couldn't secure it and just hoped it would all happen soon enough. About six weeks ago one of them called him to ask if he was still interested, because they hadn't found anyone they liked as much as him and he had to say he was still waiting to hear. Well today they called again and said as they still haven't found anyone they liked as much as him they've decided to waive the deposit and lower the rent if he'll just stop pissing about and move in! Aw man, how cool is that? #proudma

I've been continuing to think about my wedding speech and have decided that YD is a warrior. Not sure where I'm going with it, but that's where I'm starting. It came to me during yoga, when we were doing the warrior pose, which does make you feel strong. Ah well.

Today I am grateful for: My health; my friends; my kids; still having enough of a health service that ED is cared for for now at least; my bed

Laters x

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