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1. Don't know how to write without a cigarette.
2. Computer broke, lost all my passwords, photos, downloads blah blah blah.
2.(again) Find myself having been abruptly shifted in my relationship status from "It's complicated" to "Single". Kick a woman when she's down, why don't you? Still, that'll teach me to push him over why he was such a miserable, difficult cunt while we were away - he'd never've summoned up the gumption on his own to tell me he can't handle all this.
3. Had my eyes tested - have cataracts, not big enough to have removed yet, apparently. got new glasses. Turned the font down two sizes in the kindle. Can read books and newspapers. Not blogs. Sorry. Maybe now I've kind've written. Who knows?
4. Fuck knows where I'll live.
6. Have a "Work-related activity" interview on Friday, back at the jobcentre which last time was liberally bestrewn with crying/shouting/scary people. For yay, I am fit for work.
7. I found myself being tossed up a sandy beach (sadly not tossed off on a sandy beach) and failed to notice that gritty sandy granules had been forced into every nook and cranny of my person. I later had a piss and being a female person, wiped rather than shook, which effectively sand-papered my genitals. This was on friday last week and there are now signs of improvement but I can't really recommend it.

Today I am grateful for: ED having started to speak again (after more than two months of silence), though I haven't yet experienced this first hand; a week in Barcelona, courtesy of my kids, for our 60th birthdays, mine in June and his in July; having at last, finally, written a bit without a smoke, unless you count a two a few pipesful of marijuana as smoking, which seems a bit harsh; calendula cream; continuing to maintain my unbroken 100% record of making it through to the end of the day

Laters xxx

Read/Post Comments (4)

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