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I had a phone call this afternoon, from YD at the care home, visiting her sister. She passed the phone to ED who *whispers* asked me how I was. Man. This is immense. She's been swallowing - YD managed to get a mug and a half of tea down her - what's that about, all of a sudden? Don't know, don't care, just thank you, a monumental, prodigious yet cautious thank you. We're not 'out of the woods' but we're in a better place than we were this time yesterday and for that relief, much thanks.

That was quite early and since then I've just dissolved into a doing nothing day. I did write a long rambling rant to the organisers of the festival we went to this year about the utter crapness of their disability provision, which was enjoyable. We live in interesting times, don't we? The birth of the welfare state gave substance to the idea that we are all entitled to a life of dignity, inclusion - there's enough to go round etc. We are still pushing forward on things like wheelchair accessibility (my city is pretty good so I tend to imagine it's the same everywhere, but it's not), and meanwhile, along come the fucking coalition trying to roll things back to the good old days, when the poor really were poor, proper hungry and cold, like they used to be.

Today's photo prompt was the letter p, but I didn't leave the house at all, and by the time I remembered the project it was dark and the flash on my camera no longer works, so I went back through the pics I'd taken this month and did a bit of cropping and tweaking of gamma and contrast. In alphabetical order there's this lot:

Part of the Pavilion:

Pest Pet:

Pest2 Pet2:





power station:

people, also possibly post-punks as they were queueing up for Johnny Rotten, as was, to sign his book (Yeah, very anarchy - no, not going there, I'm aiming for an early night):



and pots:

I am grateful for: ED initiating rather than just responding; YD being a fucking top girl; the good wishes of so many people; still standing; another day tomorrow

Sweet dreams xxx

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