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Bit better
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If I've learned one thing this week, it's that all the little things I do to keep myself steady are not indulgences, but vital ingredients to keep me on track. There was no acupuncture this week as it's half-term and she's away; I missed my proper yoga due to snottiness of the nasal variety; I had no camera to do the photo-a-day on; no phone to send or receive texts; and had to cancel my session with R. What I did do was hurtle about the place, doing Hard Stuff. Wah! Can't do it, without a bit of self-care - who'd have thought it?

So. I have a new phone, with built-in camera, and am gradually re-acquiring people's numbers. I have made from scratch and, over the course of three days, eaten a vast vat of chicken and vegetable soup. All will be well. Daughter will have her op and in the meantime she is being sustained by tiny amounts of water - 3ml - little and often, via a carefully placed syringe in the mouth. This is the waiting phase, so we will wait.

Tomorrow my mate J is having a gig just down the road to 'launch' her album - not sure what that means as it's been around since June - but anyway, me and MH are going along, hoping for dancing and jolliness.

I am grateful for: feeling better; my sis and nephew setting up my phone; a new pedometer that I can wear round my neck - only 1727 steps today, but I'm still resting up a bit; not having to cook; warm bed

Nighty night xxx

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