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Someone in one of the other flats burned some cabbage this evening. Fucking hell, that's a godawful stink. It came on so strong I thought it was me burning something - that was hours ago and I can still smell it.

I am also annoyed by the two, possibly three, drunken women who have been sitting on the steps outside my window chatting shit loudly for too long now, thank you very much and all. Go away. They're only about three feet away from me, on the other side of the wall. I could go out there and ask them nicely to sit on some other steps. Or tell them to fuck off. Which I wouldn't/didn't and they've gone now - it's quite later - I stopped to ponder how come I'm so crotchety and it's no bloody wonder is it, the stuff that's going on in the world.

So I'm offski. Here's the cat:

Today I am grateful for: good news about a friend; lovely lunch; rhubarb; bed; breath


Read/Post Comments (4)

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