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I have my first group thingy at the psych hosp tomorrow morning. Quite anxious, but also relieved and excited.

Also, a house has come on the market that could be the one for me and Bloke. It's exactly what we want, just in a place I wouldn't necessarily choose to live. But we're priced right out of the city if we want a garden and we do, non-negotiable. So this place looks good. Big enough garden that we can grow veg and make it beautiful and have that to do all the time. The whole plot and the house entrance is flat enough and big enough downstairs that a visit from ED is a viable option (we can hire a hoist from the Red Cross and employ care workers from an agency once we have a front door at ground level), and there's a spare room for the others to sleep over in. A fireplace. Fair sized kitchen, with a built in eye level oven (not eye level, but you know what I mean). Not too far inland - about a mile, and where there's lovely sand at low tide - a much better swimming beach. Bloke is going to arrange a viewing for tomorrow, after this group thing. So all good, but yikes, scary, etc.

These are my pics for today:

I dropped my (very useful) string shopping bag the other day so have been trailing round asking everywhere if they stock them (they don't - had to order from Amazon), including the shop where these two hang out:

This was on the wall outside my place when I came home, as if the Borrowers had gone out on the lash:

and I took this because the grass was such a rich, vibrant green after all the rain we've had, and though you can't see it because I was shooting into the light, I'm posting it anyway and you can't stop me, so ner ner ner:

Today I am grateful for: a glimpse of a future; being safe and warm on a mental stormy night; acupuncture; feeling a bit excited; hot water bottle


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