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Second draft
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I've written a whole long load of stuff about being raped and then cut it and pasted it into a file. It really felt like it shifted something, writing it as if to a reader, but in the end, no one else needs to read crap like that, life has enough suckage in it without that. For me I needed to pin it down, put it on record - so many times over the decades since, I've found myself discussing rape or writing about it, and the consciousness that this actually happened to me can be absolutely absent, then it makes me jump all over again when I remember. But it's pushing its way out now, hopefully out and away forever, but who knows, eh?

A wild and windy day:

All right walking east, but west not so easy:

I got a stats thingy for this journalscape blog and yayness-a-mundo, what joy to see Bert and Hveitveis still checking in. Bless you both from here to there and back again. I hope all is well and lovely in your lives xxxx

I am grateful for: finding a portion of homemade stew in the freezer for my dinner; a walk with Bloke in the wind; yoga tomorrow; good long phone chat with YD, my darling daughter; having a laugh with Son

Sweet dreams xxx

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