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*Whispering* I think we may be out of the worst of it* Touch wood and all that. Or coming to the end of the very worst and moving towards the possibility of better.

I may be able to write about some of it, but I may not. Sometimes living through it is quite enough without revisiting it for posterity.

Glasto has been and gone, hardest one yet, though not without its pleasures, mainly Patti Smith who is just the ultimate role model. As soon as there's a decent clip on youtube I will share it. Also the Dalai Lama smiled at me when he caught my eye as he was being driven past me up to the stone circle to deliver a speech. Gave me goosebumps and made me feel a bit blessed, which never hurts, no matter how illusional.

We have taken custody of grandson, between me and Younger Daughter. He's living here at the moment, as are they (YD and her husband) unofficially, though YD and H are currently staying in a cheap hotel as we nearly killed each other found it quite stressful, what with the exhaustion post-glasto, and the sudden heat and the two guys rewiring the house and nowhere to sit down and all the camping gear and washing and the heartbreak of GS being so neglected by his step-father that he asked if he could live with us and all and all and all.

And it was my niece's wedding this weekend, quite a big deal and we were all strung out to breaking point but kept it together like the valiant fucking warriors we are.

YD and H are giving up the idea of living in the city and will take their council's "Get the chavs out of London" shilling, also known as a deposit on a private rented place down here where it's cheap enough and not actually so far from south-east London that H won't be able to pursue his career as a sculptor, and where we will all be able to look after each other.

There's the possibility of moving ED down as well, though that has massive, I mean really massive emotional stuff all over it - making that kind of choice on her behalf, maybe getting it wrong. There's a care home very close but how do you find out what they're really like?

I am grateful for: finding some writing mojo; having a bit of cash, well, Bloke having a bit of cash to fund emergency hotels - the alternative was quite literally the psych ward, for one or both of us - we both had emergency psych interventions this last week; only two more days to go on the rewiring; getting a video uploaded after a whole fucking day of waiting - not mine to share, sadly, bedtime at last


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