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Quick update as I've missed so many days and stuff of note has occurred.

1. YD's Husband has had to go and stay with his parents for a while, as the after effects of the recent massive doses of steroids have done him in completely. His leg is better, so the MS episode is over and he has remitted back to his former state of physical capacity, but he is completely devoid of energy and concentration. This was manageable until their furniture and boxes arrived at the new flat. YD can unload, unpack and decorate where needed, but H's inability to help made him frustrated, lying on the sofa being snitty, and she couldn't cope with that as well, let alone looking after him in the way he needs and remaining cheerful. So he's resting up, far enough away that he can't keep popping round, and she's cracking on.

2. I was helping her get Grandson's room ready - she really wants him to have somewhere lovely, so it's being re-decorated - doing lots of washing and rinsing and sanding and hoovering, but she sent me home after five minutes with a paintbrush. Sigh. She aims for perfection, whereas my feeling is that no one ever looked at a skirting board. It's almost done now.

3. I went to art group and painted the pier, from a photo taken when it was already derelict, but hadn't been on fire:

4. Jeremy Corbyn was elected as leader of the Labour party with 59% of the votes. I am so relieved to have a senior politician who believes in looking after each other and listening to what people want. Since Blair ignored the anti-war protests, there's been no one to get behind, nowhere to channel all my socialist hopes. He's appointed all men to the most senior posts, which is a piss off, for sure, but he's anti-austerity, pro NHS, etc etc and is the best we have on offer. A glimmer of hope at last.

5. GS starts sixth form college tomorrow - exciting. He had some preparatory work for his Psychology AS Level and got right into it, wrote pages, chatted about it, all animated and engaged. Yay.

6. That's all - I forget the rest. Oh, I did a bit of socialising, lunch with my old friend J. Managed to generate a whole mountain of anxiety beforehand about what bad company I am these days, but forced myself to go and in fact we had a laugh.

I am grateful for: being able to look up recipes on the internet on my phone in the car park; YD making us nice healthy lunches while we did preparing to paint; my hair is long enough again to tie up in one elastic - almost a year since I hacked it all off, sigh; rain on my poor dried out plants; warm comfy bed

Sweet dreams xxx

Read/Post Comments (3)

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