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So, first, here's a quick, short video about Corbyn's Bin Laden comment:

This is my first, and probably only ever piece of partisan political activism. Bear with me.The Conservatives have been hammering home the 'quote' that Corbyn thinks that Bin Laden's death was a tragedy. Yesterday, in their attack ad (which has now been taken down with a copyright challenge, LOL) they included the quote, in isolation, and out of context. Someone in the Labour Party should of course have posted the whole quote to show context, but they didn't. So I am.If you see anyone post the anti-Corbyn nonsense that he's a fan or sympathise of Bin Laden, feel free to post this. Or, just share it generally.Apologies for the ropey editing, I threw this together in an hour, and for the interruption in my normal stream of Sugababes based status updates. I'll be back to normal tomorrow.

Posted by James Rawson on Tuesday, 15 September 2015

You see, that is a position I can get behind, but one that is not widely available for discussion. I'm probably preaching to the converted, so I'll stop there, but it makes me furious.


Today has been mainly pissing down with rain, so many mad dashes to and from the car. I had a good session with my counsellor, leaving with an action plan for an issue that I don't bang on about here as it's not just my story to tell, but one that has been draining the fucking lifeblood out of me. So that was good.

Afterwards I sat in my car, parked on the High Street with lorries rattling and splashing past, smoking fags and having a long chat with my pal D, who lives in Glasto. My new phone doesn't get signal at my house, which is absolute shite, though I haven't yet looked into what, if anything I can do about it. I have a landline, but it costs the earth to call a mobile from a landline and anyway, D and I like to have full and frank discussions about our respective blokes, so mobile to mobile works best. I was parked just near the bus stop and it's only now that I wonder if anyone waiting for a bus was paying me any attention, as during our conversation we both cried hard for a bit and both laughed a fair amount, as well as talking intensely and listening carefully (not just about blokes, obvs). I like watching people having intense conversations when I can't hear what they're saying.

I've done loads more than that, but I'm knackered so I'm having an early night. Bex asked about my outside toilet so tomorrow, if it stops raining, I'm going to make a video. See, I know how to hook a reader in.

I am grateful for: YD being brilliant and lovely; GS easing nicely into college; not having to water the poxy pots in the garden; finding a blue geranium for £3 at B&Q - I have quite few, all pink or white, so pleased to have this; Bloke cooking dinner

Sleep well, lovely peeps xxx

Read/Post Comments (2)

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