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1. Made it to yoga - my legs hurt and I am less flexible. I've been able to sit cross-legged with no strain on my legs since forever and now my knees can't go down. must stop smoking.

2. Keep forgetting about the stop smoking book and missing days.

3. Keep coming up against cognitive impairment, where I am defeated by complexity of simple thought processes. Scary.

4. We've finally located not one but two plasterers willing to give a quote on making the chimney breast flat enough to fix a fireplace to it. This has taken nearly a month as the job's 'too small'. We'd quite like the artex ceilings flattened or skimmed or whatever they call it, which would make it a bigger job but we're both too knackered to contemplate the upheaval or the input required from us. Just let us have a real fire, dear universe. Please.

5. That tweet (see entry before last) inspired someone to send me pictures of Rosemary West and Myra Hindley under a hashtag 'not all women'. I'll admit it, I am silenced by the fear of being targeted - I see loads of things I'd quite like to chip in on, but I also see what can happen to women who voice their opinions and I could not bear to have that shit with my name on. I won't go back to my timeline for god knows how long now - I do not want to see those faces staring right at me, linked to my name.

I am grateful for: friends; photos; strategies to keep me just the right side of the line; art group tomorrow; om

Sleep tight xxx

Read/Post Comments (6)

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