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Six things
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Bloody hell it's nearly 2 am and I haven't even started writing, so quickly, a few things.

1. Still thinking and reading a lot about world affairs. The wild theories are springing up - I've read this evening that 'France' did the bombing in Paris, also the Americans and the Israelis (I'd like to think someone's blaming Cameron and his crew and I just haven't spotted it yet). People 'know' these things and we are all idiots for not seeing their truth. Meanwhile, borders close, bombs drop, more people die.

2. It's hard to follow that with trivia about my own doings, but that is the nature of things. I finally joined my local medical practice, had an introductory health check, including urine test, blood found, off for tests for bladder cancer, for fuck's sake. Doctor said it 'probably isn't' and I'm only getting mild flashes of fear, so let's bloody hope it's just a urine infection.

3. I accidentally made a hat - I was aiming for what is apparently called a cowl, a scarf with the ends joined up, but the wool was too thick, the needles too small, blah blah blah, but it's an ok hat.

4. I'm well into the pottery show on telly. I didn't know how much I didn't know about it - always fab to watch skilled people doing their thing and pleasing to see that just like on Bake Off, they help each other despite being in competition. The craft's the thing, the competition's just a piece of ephemeral nonsense.

5. I cried a bit, seeing the English fans at Wembley tonight singing The Marseillaise along with the French supporters.

6. All we need is love - we have to find a way to open our hearts to these hate-filled people, they are all damaged. The killing has to stop.

I am grateful for: living in a non-war zone; friends; family; the wild wind blowing through my double glazing, billowing up my curtains - good to stay in touch with the natural world, not be too cut off, but still warm; the internet, for giving me access to a wider view than I'd otherwise have had

Sleep tight, stay safe xxxx

Read/Post Comments (6)

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