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Late again so five quick things:

1. I've been knitting by the fire with the radio on for hours, very nice. At last something that may be a decent object at the end of my endeavours - a cowl/snood/short scarf sewn up at the ends in a beautiful soft silk/wool mix.

2. I joined all the other bits into a cover for my Will Young cushion (bought at Glasto one year when no one would come with me to see Will in the Avalon tent and I bought myself a cushion to sit on while I waited, in a moment of devil-may-care rampant consumerism). The new cover is neither useful nor beautiful, but it's staying put for the moment.

3. Saw the stop-smoking person at the health centre again and set a date for stopping, next Thursday. Can't seem to summon up much in the way of focus or concern for maintaining my walking ability, don't even know why not.

4. One of my online pals, who has been very lonely for years, has made new friends via a shared enthusiasm for a certain singer, and loads of them are supporters of fucking Trump. Jesus H Christ, how scary is that? I'm keeping out of it - I made one comment comparing the persecution of all Muslims to blaming Christians around the world for the likes of Hitler, KKK and Westboro Baptists, but it fell on deaf ears so I walked away. I've done my time trying to persuade bigots to take people one at a time on their merits, but it's never worked, so fuck the lot of them. I'd prefer not to have their shite on my facebook page, but not enough to block my pal.

5. I've sent various packages abroad and none of them seem to have arrived. Also emails are going missing, not just Bert's. Don't like it.

I am grateful for: having a living room; making some progress towards getting a fence to replace the hedge, which needs to be done before we can start making a garden - fencers are no respecters of delicate plantings (I know, I have read The Restraint of Beasts by Magnus Mills); Bloke unclogging the bath (don't even ask); fish pie for tea came out a treat; art tomorrow

Sleep tight xxx

Read/Post Comments (3)

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