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Up (ish)
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Well I was still all gloomy, then I popped over to have a look at diaryland and there was an update from manfromvenus, which just perked me right up. Cryptic and short, but hey, alive, happy, "much to be grateful for". Fab. I'd like my mood to be less dependent on other people, but when it goes well, fuck it, who cares?

Made it to yoga - hard, deep, water falling out of my eyes most of the way through, glad to be in the corner at the front.

Walked in torrential rain afterwards, such rain there was no point huddling down, it was going to drench right through to the skin so may as well stand tall, put glasses up on top of head out of the way, and just walk on through.

Then to acupuncture - man I love that woman - she was kind of pleased I'd hit the bottom, the reality of the sorrow - I mean not really pleased as such, but very accepting. I felt held. Good.

While I'm lying there, full of pins, I can either let my mind wander where it will or I can do something distracting, often alphabetical. Today I thought I'd sing a song beginning with each letter in turn, or as much as I knew of it. I started with 'All Right Now' and went on through, without any planning, just going for the first song that leapt into my head. Nothing very thrilling or interesting until suddenly 'Indiana wants me'. I mean, really?? Indiana wants me? Where the fuck did that spring from? From there to 'Jammin', 'Kissing in the back row', 'Lyin' Eyes', 'May You Never' and then 'Nice One Cyril' at which point my subconscious officially did my head in.

Me and my girl:

Having another go at photo a day - this one covers three prompts - water, black and white and circle:

Whereas this is 'what I did today' for the last several days - bed, Bob, Valium:

I am grateful for: an upswing; rain; friends; love; art


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