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Droning on, with pics
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I had the most amazing experience yesterday. I was walking on the beach, doing my steps - I'm trying to move it up to 10,000 a day in increments and it's been going OK, but it was so windy yesterday that I was struggling.

I'd thought it through and parked so that I could walk in a westerly direction into the wind, to the caff on the beach where I could have a sit down and then get blown back to the car. It was hard walking but exhilarating and delicious and all that kind of thing. I even noticed it was good, which was cool as I haven't noticed feeling anything but shite for what seems like decades, and 'good' was the topic for the photo-a-day yesterday. I took some pics of the waves crashing on the beach to illustrate the goodness - this sort of thing:

and gathered quite a lot of small bits of driftwood and then thought actually, fuck this. Carrying wood, walking on shifting shingle into a fierce icy wind - I don't need to do the full amount, this is too hard. Enough. I can drive to the cafe.

So I turned round and look what was going on behind me:

Fucking hell, I've never seen light like it. The sun was low in the sky, making everything glow against the wall of grey and I happened to be right there, next to the beach huts. I faffed about taking loads of photos, safe in the knowledge that the wind was behind me, so the weather had to be retreating. You'd have though so, but no. I just had time to wonder what those fat white streaks were before I was engulfed in hail:

It felt like a gift, to witness such beauty in such a place.

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