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I want to get back to writing every day and I don't know what's holding me back from doing it more easily. I know part of it is that my life is centred round my daughters and I don't want to be blurting their shit all over the internet (bit late for that, I know). Also, I haven't got the glimmer of an atom of an idea for fiction nor anywhere near enough concentration to write about anything else.

I'm totally fucked off and confused with politics, since it all got so dirty, both here and in the US. We could both be at turning points - here with the return of some social justice and the US with - Jeez, I don't even know how to describe Trump - it's literally unbelievable that he's saying the things he is and is yet the leader of the so-called Grand Old Party - but the point is the media in both countries is dirty as shit, smearing and lying, creating false identities, so much deviousness that it's almost impossible to discern where the truth lies, especially when you are cognitively impaired with fucking anxiety and depression. I cannot read a whole article by even people I like and the comments below the line are scary and cold.

Bed now. I am grateful for: art groups; a tidy bedroom; a good afternoon with ED; tomorrow's dinner cooked tonight; radio

Sweet dreams xx

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