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Five things
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1. You can never tell who's going to make a 'rapey' joke in a way that makes you want to drop them right out of your life and never even think about them ever again. Fingers crossed.

2. I've been tweeting people like Nigel Slater (cookery writer, good at simple but delicious recipes), who have cheered me up in some way, telling them about it and saying thank you. There's something so pleasing about checking your email and seeing "Marian Keyes has replied to your tweet". I tweeted Nige to thank him for the recipe in yesterday's Observer for this pud which I made:

Peaches, marscarpone, blackcurrants and a crushed amaretti biscuit. Oh yeah. No skill required. So yummy and mostly fruit. I included the photo with my thanks. He replied, "This makes me so happy!" and that made me happy, so the job, as they say, is a good 'un.

3. When I opened photobucket just now there was a pop-up with a photo of Obama looking well-dodgy, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and the tagline 'You'll be amazed at Obama's IQ'. Motherfuckers. I hate the dirty media. The fucking Guardian, on its website has a big headline about Owen Smith complaining that Corbyn is "exploiting his [Smith's] former career in pharmaceuticals" and then a tiny box saying that Corbyn has won 84% of constituency party nominations. Yeah, he has, perhaps because he has a long history of fighting for justice rather than Smith who has a history of being available to say anything for money, including trying to bring down the NHS. I'm starting to hate photobucket - do you use something better?

4. I've been swimming in the sea these last few days. They're building a wind farm just offshore and have been laying pipelines which stirred up the chalk that lies below the sand and shingle. It makes a beautiful turquoise stripe across the bay:

The water is warm, but the fucking wind won't give it a rest. Honestly, I'm up at my place, sweltering, dying to just get into that cool water, so I go down to the beach and it's blowing up the English channel so hard you have to weigh all your things down with big stones to stop then whooshing off into the distance. Getting wet doesn't seem so appealing. But there's nothing better than floating about in the sea, is there? Today it was low tide, so shallow water over sand, and windy as fuck, lots of waves coming in fast, ideal for lollopping about and not scary at all as you could just put your foot down and walk out.

5. I have decided that next year I am going to the Edinburgh festival, for fuck's sake, why do I never think about it till it's on and there's no chance of getting anywhere to stay?

I am grateful for: getting into the mindfulness; painting tomorrow; not giving a fuck about the Olympics; bed; biscuits.

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