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Moving house
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Well, Journalscape is going so I find myself here at Wordpress, probably just for the moment as it's all a bit scary here, to be honest. I do need somewhere though, as Diaryland has the air of being about to keel over - it's been a long time since Andrew answered a cry for help or notified anyone that a note had been posted so I feel that if it goes properly tits up, he won't even notice. Ach, too hard right now - I can't get my head around it at all. I'm going to change the name to annanotbob4, when I can work out how. Meanwhile it's here

I haven't seen my girl today. Her sister went instead and everyone told me I didn't need to go as well, but I do. I need to see her every day. For me. We're waiting to hear when we'll get to have this 'best interests' meeting with the surgeon, the anaesthetist, and god knows who else, about her kidney stones. Terrifying.

Going to bed now. Sad, tired, grumpy.

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