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Five things
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1. ED is probably going to have an operation for breaking up the big stone (that blocks her kidney) by laser. Without an incision, so better healing. Still need to have proper chat with urologist but fuck knows when that will be.
2. I still haven't started another blog - livejournal did my head in, as wordpress is doing - far too much going on and my brain is indeed broken. I tried to change my wordpress one to annanotbob4 but couldn't work out how to do that even after ages faffing about.
3. I am being sociable. Tomorrow I am going for a walk with a woman I only really know from facebook though I did meet her at a festival once, friend of a friend, seems nice. Being brave.
4. My stepbrother who lives in France is coming over next week. I'm not looking forward to seeing him as he is a bit of a pompous prick who listens less than anyone else I know and ignores things he doesn't want to hear, like the facts that his daughter is gay and his wife is scared of him. Both of these facts came to his attention in the end, and not in a good way. Sigh. His other daughter has just had a baby girl and named her Anna, which I can only see as a compliment. His wife left him, at the age of seventy, which surprised him if nobody else
5. I stay up too late because I love being on my own in the silence of the night.

I am grateful for: hanging out with D today; Bloke making healthy dinners every night; finding good big chunks of wood on the beach for firewood; sewing class at the day centre - I've almost made a dress and have got my sewing mojo back; the staff at ED's care home, such decent people


Read/Post Comments (2)

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