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Fieldwork 2006

For All In Tents
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Arrived camp about 2:30, found a couple of the group lounging with Super Soakers after a recent water fight with some kids in the other part of the campground. Got tent pitched and all unpacked while dripping sweat since it's so hot and humid here, worse than LA. Was worried that everyone would be away watching World Cup game, but England lost last night so interest declined enough that some people spent their day off here just hanging out.

Keep finding small cut-outs of baby photos falling out of bags, pockets, shoes, etc. Apparently Kelley crept over to my bags before I left and planted all these photos of herself where I would find them. She also thoughtfully included "an itty bitty brag book" to put the photos into. I still have to find a few more to fill up the book, but I have stuck some of her photos into a small screen bag along the top of the tent where I can see them when laying down. What a cutie!

About three hours later everyone working today arrived back at camp, bringing a cold front with them -- the temperate has dropped some 30 degrees in half an hour. At least it will be comfortable sleeping weather, not that I need it after the long flight. Speaking of which, it went well, and I lucked out with rather companionable seating mates on both legs of the the trip (including one Agnes from South Carolina who has ghosts in her house).

Never been on a project with so many people: there are 48 of us! Have yet to meet anyone in charge. Internet access only at the castle, not in campground as expected, so won't get that at least until Monday. The campground has an rhea (emu-like birds) compound, some captive foxes, and apparently some duck-geese that come by in the morning and wake people up with annoying noises.

Panorama of our campsite

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