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Fieldwork 2006

Put Your Dead to Bed
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Every day at 4:30 we get the call "Put Your Dead to Bed" which means clean up your mess, pack up your gear, put protective covers over the skellies, then lay plastic tarpaulins over everything, and weight it down with sand (via bucket from the spoil heap). We need to take such precautions in order to discourage stray visitors or vandals from messing with the skeletons. Despite the tarps, we always find a frog and/or toad or two down in the graves the next morning.

My skelly's skull came out today, but broke into very many pieces as it was lifted and bagged. Still, we do have them all, and it should be intact enough for more careful excavation in t he lab, so that tiny ear bones can be found and various measurements taken for health and population studies.

Our dead put to bed

A couple days ago one of the castle staff took me up to the clock tower roof, put a harness on me, and let me make a panorama of the view from there

Pano from Clock Tower

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