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Fieldwork 2006

More Skellies
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On to a new grave today, which turned out to be most interesting because it appears to be a double grave, with one person buried beneath the other at the same time. It's possible that the two graves are not related to each other, although this seems highly unlikely, but future excavation should reveal what's really going on. In addition to the two skeletons, other bones seem to have been tossed in on top of them, perhaps by grave diggers who started digging a new grave and accidently found them and tossed them back in.

Further, one of the bodies lies with head to the east, which is very unusual. Unfortunately I have only one more project day and may not see the results of this grave for a while. The past few days have been very pleasant for working, which is nice - I fear the day I leave it will rain heavily, just when I need to move bags between train, bus, and airport. I've taken both days off this weekend to visit a Viking event, and another castle or two.

One skeleton lies with its head to the west, and other lies underneath it, with head to the east (very unusual); on top of both are a few extra bones, probably the result of someone starting to dig a new grave, but finding someone already there and tossing the bones back in their hole

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