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It's another month already. Where the hell do these things come from?

I still owe most of you email. I seem to be in that dreaded cycle where anything that requires any thought at all for response or anything it isn't entirely rude to not respond to right away is waiting patiently and accusingly in my inbox while I get into the proper frame for email answering. Yes, yes, this is a vicious disease, I know. I should just answer the damn email. And I will. But not today.

Not today because it's bleak and COLD outside, that's right COLD, despite the fact that a new month has arrived and it is called May and is not supposed to be cold at all. We got up this morning and baked cookies (chocolate chip) for the post-Derby cycling club picnic and meeting, canceled now for inclement weather. We've been trying to unload this mountain of cookies all day, it seems, even forcing them on our neighbors. We took some over to the Sutliff Sanders' and got to see the new person they made. (Very cute and charming for a nonverbal sleepy person.)

Home, gym, library, watched another episode of Firefly. We only saw a few eps of Firefly when it was on and we _liked_ it, don't get me wrong. But we didn't love it. We love it now. Not a bad episode yet. Stupid, evil Fox eats its fine, strong young and we stop blinking when it happens.

Yesterday we saw MEAN GIRLS, which was mostly what I expected but not quite as nasty. Possibly more on this later when I'm not feeling cranky and headachey. Also, maybe I'll say something about THE SLEEPING FATHER, which I enjoyed but not as much as I'd hoped to.

Oh, and from the parade of Things That Happen Just As They Should, there's a lovely review of THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB (possibly the best yet) in today's New York Review of Books and it's sitting pretty at NUMBER FREAKING 10 on Amazon. Yay, Karen!

I think I've bored you enough. Go buy Karen's book or something. Then we can have a real Jane Austen book club after you've read it. Or not.

OH, OH, OH -- Christopher posted the TOC for the next issue of Say... last night. I'm really excited about everything we've got. This is going to be a kick-ass issue. So, follow the link to Project Pulp and order already.

Also, according to Penn and Teller we're all chumps for recycling. Just do the cans, man. Next week's episode is about the Bible. I can't wait.

worm: "That's Something I Do," Apples in Stereo

thingy/s to check out: I'm glad to see more women in important roles in the SF world. I hope the trend continues. While there are points in the past when women have been in charge of major editorial duties--I was reminded about 1994 where Ellen Datlow was still editing for Omni, Shawna McCarthy was launching Realms of Fantasy, and Kris Rusch was editing F&SF--I think things are different this time. John Klima expands his discussion on female editors in SF

namecheck: Sage "Sleepy" Sutliff Sanders

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