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The thing I will recommend to you today, that you should seek out immediately (well, right after you help Karen vanquish Dan Brown by ordering THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB from Amazon -- that would be a right besting, oh yes) is Imad Rahman's I DREAM OF MICROWAVES story collection. All the stories in the collection, from what I understand (only read two so far), revolve around Pakistani-American b-movie actor Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. There is soft porn in his wife's house, costumed alcohol promotional character drama, a battle of wills against another b-movie actor famous for playing cannibals. And that's _just_ in the first two stories and most of the action happens in Ohio. Reminds me of Stacey Richter only in how funny, in addition to clever, the writer's voice is. Highly enjoyable. He lives in Madison; and you should check out the wonderful One Story interview with him about his collection and "Eating, Ohio," which was originally a One Story.

Other than that, I've a headache, am finally drinking the glass of wine I've been craving all afternoon, still haven't answered any damn email, watched a depressing movie (VERONICA GUERIN, only because Cate Blanchett is some sort of god creature walking among us), went to the gym and abused my body and well, that's pretty much it. Since Christopher was off riding a bajillion miles on his bicycle (and then updating his journal!), I didn't ride my bike at all today and more's the pity.

Tomorrow night we meet with our new in-person writing group to establish ground rules and such. This sort of thing always promises to be interesting.

Oh, and I have a freaking book to finish, by the way, so there may be less from me here for the next little bit. Or my head may explode. Even odds at the moment, but we're having a blast, really? See how we use we? That's how you know we're going mad in here.

Night, night.

(Oh and by the by, Mr. McLaren allowed me to see a wonderful interview of Buck 65. Ladies, he's cute and apparently nice too. Rowr.)

worm: "Vibrate," Rufus Wainwright

thingy/s to check out: I DREAM OF MICROWAVES

namecheck: Scott "Also Yay and Aussie Bastard (meant in nicest possible way)" Westerfeld

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