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Late nights and late mornings

As I type this, it is after 5am, and I've not been to bed yet. That's the "late night" part.

Okay, so I'm stupid! But, "Why is it so?" as Prof. Julius Sumner Miller was want to ask.

I was wanting to watch the launch of the Arianespace mission 165 that was being webcaste, now that I have a broadband connection. (And, he stage-whispered... HERE, IT WAS INTO THE OVERNIGHT FREE / UNLIMITED PERIOD OF MY PLAN.)

Now, I knew that, being a Saturday, more people would probably be wanting to log on than if it were a weekday. AND, I suspect that Arianespace and its streaming video 'partner', Streaming Box (site in French) could have worked this out, too.

Anyway, it was a fiasco -- in Australia at least. There was simply not the 'bandwidth'. Nothing wanted to log in anywhere.

I tried with several systems hung off the broadband connection: a Windows box, and a system running Linux (actually Knoppix that I'd downloaded and burned to CD recently... all quite legal, and quick, and VERY easy), and another Linux box (this one Fedora Core 3 from Red Hat running the Gnome desktop (rather than my usual KDE, for a change.)

Only about 5% of you will even understand the bit about Linux, and the rest of you SHOULD LEARN. (Look for a subsequent HOW-TO page on Knoppix.)

Anyway, I'm off to bed, now. Would I try again? MAYBE!


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